Facebook Videos: New YouTube-like features an opportunity for content creators

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Facebook Videos
You’ve probably heard that Facebook is continually becoming better at being YouTube than Youtube itself. It started back in September when Facebook started allowing you to see how many times a video had been viewed. And after that, if you run a page that you post videos to, you probably also noticed that your Facebook videos do much much better in views than your YouTube ones. Ofcourse in countries where mobile operators bundle apps in internet silos for a flat monthly fee, Facebook’s popularity is explainable. But not everywhere can you explain the facebook edge over Facebook.

You may also have noticed that recently Facebook is now enabling page owners to organise their videos in a very YouTube looking layout on the videos tab. Brands can put up a featured video, change this video any time, create playlists and do other things to have more people playing those videos.

We have mentioned before that if a brand is in a country where the operator has say in choosing what sites subscribers access – by bundling the sites – then ignoring what that bundling shapes what your audience can see, is a big mistake. There are still lots of brands that post  videos to YouTube only, ignoring the fact that very few people will be able to play them simply because data is expensive. The audience are on the bundled services. Go there.

These YouTube-like Facebook video features are therefore a huge opportunity for creators of content to finally get the YouTube experience on Facebook!



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