ZOL connecting 80 new fibre internet customers every week. Total subs 3,500


liquid-telecomSo a few days ago when we posted the download of the POTRAZ quarterly report on the state of internet services in Zimbabwe, the first comment on the article was:

I am tickled by these figures! 285 Active VSAT terminals? really let’s be serious here. 1741 Fibre Links lol. ZOL did a promotion where they ran fibre into your house for free just in case you wanted it

The report has the total number of fibre subscriptions in the country at 1,741 up from 1,722 subscriptions the previous quarter. Essentially, in 3 months, the statistics by POTRAZ were showing that fibre connections in the country had grown by just 19 new subscriptions. Unbelievable when you are in Harare and can see all the activity on the ground right?


So today, at the launch of their new entry-level fibre package, we asked the ZOL CEO why these numbers don’t make sense, and what the numbers are their side. Marandure, the chief at ZOL, said that on their end, they are connecting 80 new customers each week. Their total number of Fibre To The Home subscriptions right now stands at around 3,500, he said.

The POTRAZ report is of course a 2014 Q3 document,  is a September 2014 report. Now assuming the company has been connecting 80 customers each week for the entire 4th quarter and this January, that would mean some 1,500 new connections. Subtract that from the 3,500 connections they have now and you have 2,000 as at the end of the third quarter. And that’s just ZOL alone. They are not the only ones doing fibre so what about YoAfrica, PowerTel, iWayAfrica, Telecontract, Africom, TelOne and Utande?

We think the statistics of the sector are a very important thing to get right.

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