Podcast: WhatsApp calls, Twitter via USSD, Muzinda Hub training & EcoCash tariffs

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In this edition of the podcast, we discuss trending topics such as the activation of the WhatsApp calls feature, the prospect of Netflix in Zimbabwe, Econet Wireless’ Twitter via USSD service, the Muzinda Hub digital skills programme and the reduction of EoCash tariffs.

Hoe disruptive do you think the WhatsApp calls feature will be for mobile network operators? Do you think services like Twitter via USSD and Mobile phone based insurance will make up for any lost revenue if this disruption happens?

As always we look forward to your comments on these topics in the section below as well on the corresponding articles.



Econet tries out Twitter via USSD


Android takes over as the leading mobile operating system in Zimbabwe


  1. Anonymous 2 says:

    Download button please! Could’ve taken this home to listen

  2. Anonymous 2 says:

    Just looked it up and the list of Netflix originals, especially the upcoming ones look pretty interesting. And the continuations ace up their sleeves where they pick up popular dropped shows should serve them well. If they bring back shows like Terminator: TSCC then i would probably consider them over DSTV if ever asked to choose.

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