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Forget invites, WhatsApp voice calls are now available for everyone on Android


If you are on Android and still haven’t activated WhatsApp voice calls there’s some good news for you today. The VoIP call facility that has only been available for some, not all users on Android has now been made available to everyone.

There’s no need to receive a call from someone who already has activated WhatsApp voice calls, which was the only way to access the service when people started using it last month. All you need to do is download the latest version of WhatsApp (Version 2.12.5) that’s available from the Google Play Store.

The person you are calling also needs to have active WhatsApp calls, or simply put, the right version of the app in order to receive the call.

This will obviously be welcome by a lot of Android users that were failing to activate the call function through the invitation via call method. With more people getting access to this VoIP feature, I wonder if mobile networks are still going to be unfazed by the threat of subscribers cutting back on traditional voice calls to use the WhatsApp version that they can get on their WhatsApp bundles.

Unfortunately, the calls are still restricted to Android only so iOS, Windows and everyone else using devices with other operating systems will just have to sit tight.

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2 thoughts on “Forget invites, WhatsApp voice calls are now available for everyone on Android

  1. VoiP how i love you !
    Been testing on different platforms and broadband connections.
    Poor GSM 5 more years ya will be right.
    First it was SMS and now voice.Talking should really be FREE !

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