Latest from Digital Future: What challenges are being faced in Zim digital media?

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LtR Reward Kangai, Dr Win Mlambo, Veronica Mantiziba and Denny Marandure

LtR Reward Kangai, Dr Win Mlambo, Veronica Mantiziba and Denny Marandure

In case you haven’t been catching up via the live stream or the massive activity on Twitter (#MyDigitalFuture), a lot has already been shared already in the first part of the day at the Digital Future Conference.

There was a panel discussion focused on the current challenges in digital and online media in Zimbabwe. The panel included the Deputy Minister of ICT Dr Win Mlambo, the CEO of mobile operator NetOne Mr Reward Kangai, the CEO of ZOL Zimbabwe Mr Denny Marandure and a digital media specialist Veronica Mantiziba.

The discussion touched on perspectives such as the importance of Infrastructure Sharing in driving down the cost of internet, the work that government has been doing and should be doing and the advantages digital media has brought in 21st Century business.


Interesting perspectives were shared by the panelists including the larger role the government is set to play in getting operators to share infrastructure and the huge play on LTE that NetOne wants to make for the whole Zimbabwe. One fact presented by Veronica that leapt out from the discussion was that Zimbabwe has 250,000 people active on Twitter right now.

That figure seems rather small considering how Twitter stacks up against the uptake of the one other extremely popular social media platform in Zimbabwe, Facebook.

There is more happening right now at Digital Future, and you can catch the latest discussion on Upscaling creative content profitability on the live stream link below.


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    Most issues raised at MyDigitalFuture set to educate brands, yet local companies are not fully represented here, it doesn’t add up

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