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Multichoice Zimbabwe starts terminating illegal DStv subscribers

It’s been exactly one year since we mentioned the struggle MultChoice was facing with Zimbabweans that subscribe to DStv South Africa instead of the Zimbabwean bouquets. This practice, although popular in a post-Free-To-Air-Decoder Zimbabwe, is illegal.

Yesterday, it was reported by the Chronicle that MultiChoice Zimbabwe terminated the signal for some Zimbabweans viewing DStv South Africa bouquets. These cutoffs, which affected hundreds of subscribers, were reported in the city of Bulawayo.

So far, this hasn’t triggered panic among the majority of DStv Zimbabwe subscribers that are enjoying SABC, eTV or access to Supersport channels from the cheaper DStv Compact bouquet.

A lot of these illegal subscribers are banking on the fact that Multichoice has struggled to isolate the genuine South African subscribers from the Zimbabwean sign ups. The task has proved to be extremely difficult for Multichoice and if reports coming from Bulawayo are anything to go by, these cutoffs only happened because a list of illegal subscribers was leaked to Multichoice Zimbabwe.

When we spoke to Multichoice’s PR representative, Elizabeth Dziva, she pointed out that this is just the beginning of a series of cutoffs and anyone who wants to watch DStv has to subscribe locally. It will not be limited to Bulawayo only.

I doubt that people will be spooked by this though. DStv is becoming even more expensive and for most people this is the best option to have content variety. As long as there is a cheaper way to access more content and beat the system, illegal subscribers will hold on to their South African signal.

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13 thoughts on “Multichoice Zimbabwe starts terminating illegal DStv subscribers

  1. I think these guys donot realise that by overmilking the market, they are creating a serious opportunity for a new international player to enter

    1. This observation is certainly a good one. A monopolist will continue to aggravate the market until a strong alternative comes along. However, in the current context, one has to consider the background behind the law that protects DSTV’s local market.

  2. I need clarification here. Do you mean just anyone with a South African account or just those unscrupulous connections where they enter some codes on your decoder and stuff. Because if i have a legal South African account subscribed legally in South Africa, i can just go to SA and shout at them.

  3. This is just a bag of hot air like that when a ZBC DJ said they can cut off the signal to those that had not paid their TV license. We are not babies and understand the complexity of knowing who is who under a satellite foot print unless they start supplying decoders fitted with GPS transponders. Tibvireyipo nema threats. besides I have a Zimbabwean account and ndanzwa nema south african adverts and competitions that do not apply to me. Seems like a Zim a account is nothing more than a collection point and derives very little benefit.

  4. @Chris, you’re definitely right as far as dstv is concerned Zim is just a Usd collection point and nothing more, we pay more and get streamlined content on top of that. This is one area in Zim still lacking serious competition that would be good for the consumer because at the moment there’svirtually no competition at all and such a monopoly is not good for us end users, in the data sphere things are way better than they were a while ago because at least now there’s a wider choice to pick from.

  5. Multi Choice Zimbabwe can go and hang!They probable paid the chronicle to report that for all I care.I am tired of paying them money for a ridiculous service .Why pay more for a product with less channels when you can buy more channels for less in the S.A .

  6. The Zimbabwean package is inferior and expensive. Give me one reason why I should subscribe locally. Be serious!

  7. come and get me multichoice zimbabwe. i have a south african account payable in south africa how are you gonna switch me off. #quacking in my boots.

  8. Haa guys com on takura go ahead n close ma decorder tione kwaaaks in zim u pay mo n view less endai munofa joza subs pamberi

  9. I love the 32gb space, thats loads of apps to run and the hd resolution is an added bonus. Thank you techzim for such a fantastic Christmas present. I have been with u since your first day online. An old friend deserves a pat in the back. Hahahaha

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