Econet slashes handset prices, you can now get a smartphone for $24

Econet Devices

If you are looking for a great deal on a smartphone you might want to go check out the devices that Econet is selling at discounted prices. The mobile network operator is out to push a lot of smart and dumb phones and it has kicked off an aggressive ad campaign to go along with this.

While there are discounts for high-end devices like the Galaxy S4 or the $381 iPhone 5, the phone that caught our eye was the Huawei Ascend Y220. The last time we reviewed this device, it was the cheapest smartphone from Econet with a $70 price tag. This was later beaten last year by the $55 ZTE V795. A lot has changed, including the price, and many alternative devices later Econet is selling it at $27.

It’s not the cheapest internet ready phone available though. If you still want to get onto WhatsApp you can get a ZTE F116 for $24 and if smart really isn’t your thing there are cheap devices in their gallery like the $8 Tiaggo V121 or the Nokia 1208 set at $6.


You can check out all the discounted devices on the Econet devices website and on the Econet Facebook page.

Granted that there are cheaper devices you can get from other distributors, but the significant thing here is that Econet, which is in all likelihood the most visible device distributor in Zimbabwe, is offering cheaper internet ready devices.

As exciting as all this might be though, the comments on Econet’s Facebook page regarding these discounted devices seem to suggest that they are out of stock most of the time. We got the same “out of stock” response when we looked for the $27 Huawei device at Econet’s Avondale branch.

It turns out there are some enterprising people who swoop in these massive discounts and make bulk orders only to sell the same devices at higher prices, sometimes even outside the Econet stores.

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