Want the latest information on Zim telecoms? Here’s the POTRAZ Report

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For close to a week now we have been mentioning the latest report to come from Zimbabwe’s communications regulator POTRAZ. Until today, we hadn’t received the official document and had been relying on detailed highlights and extracts.

In articles published recently, we have run through some of the major highlights, which include the latest figures on national mobile penetration (90.3%), totals for fixed telephone subscriptions and active mobile subscriptions as well as the uptake of 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE.

For everyone who asked for the report and anyone else keen on a look at the state of Zimbabwean communications, we now have the full version that you can download in the link available below.

POTRAZ Sector Performance Report 4th Quarter 2014 (pdf)

The information offers a great insight into local communication statistics for everything from mobile telecoms revenue, the performance of mobile money services in the fourth quarter and in 2014 and how fixed telecoms operator Telone has been faring. there is even a section on postal services.

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    Yes its worth it , they must fund the project

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