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Powertel introduces CDMA mobile WiFi device by Huawei. Priced at $76

Mobile WiFi devices – MiFis they’re called – have been around locally for a while now and essentially they allow a small group of people to use as single mobile broadband line. Software achieves this too but let’s be on topic: The problem CDMA internet providers like Powertel and Africom face is that CDMA versions of these otherwise standard gadgets are hard to come by and are usually expensive – demand and supply. This week, Powertel let us test a unit they have just introduced to their range of devices.

It’s made by Huawei and a Powertel staffer tells us this so far has meant stronger signal  and a robust device – which we totally believe as we have owned and used the Huawei made GSM MiFi device that Econet sells for close for over 2 years now. Powertel’s selling this at $76 which is way cheaper than the $90 that Econet still sell theirs for. Pricing on the actual broadband service doesn’t change ofcourse – sort of unlimited broadband. However sort-of-ish the pricing gets, it can’t get uglier than we have seen in recent days.

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5 thoughts on “Powertel introduces CDMA mobile WiFi device by Huawei. Priced at $76

  1. It’s risky to buy wcdma devices these days coz non of them are performing better, so to me it’s no thanks .

  2. i bought one im enjoying myself. especially dat i dont pay anything during the evening

  3. This device feels too expensive for the experience that it is offering. There are better devices that are certainly better priced. Before purchasing such a device you should consider options, the best way to do this is by going online and searching for the companies that are willing to provide these type of services.

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