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TelOne adjusts ADSL prices, introduces $15 package

Things aren’t getting better economically. If you still don’t believe that, just look at the way service providers are falling over themselves to get you “cheaper and better deals” just to mop up what little dollars you have to spare. The same thing is happening in Internet services.

One recent product and price adjustment has come from TelOne. The telecoms operator, which is our only ADSL provider, has tweaked its ADSL suite.

It has introduced a $15 package that becomes its new entry ADSL Basic offering. This gets you 2GB of internet at a download speed of “up to”  1Mbps. Only the $45 25GB package has had its price revised downwards and is now going for $42.

This $15 package looks a lot like an attempt to accommodate users with less disposable income while capturing subscribers that might have felt that $25 for home internet is too steep.

When its stacked up against the 2GB packages from other ISPs (think Powertel at $39 or Africom at $60 or NetOne at $50) it still seems like a steal, even though the moral of this sad story is that local internet is still expensive.

The entire ADSL lineup has been re-branded, something that naturally ties in with the new look that TelOne unveiled recently.

There are now 6 packages, up from the previous 4 that comprised of Basic, Gold Silver and Platinum. (I hope they update their website to indicate these changes) 3 of the 6 packages, called Home Packages, have limited downloads and the other 3, called Infinity, have unlimited access. The full ADSL suite is listed in the table below. You can also compare the prices with the TelOne Fibre packages.

Home Basic151Mbps (2GB allowance)
Home Plus251Mbps (10GB allowance)
Home Premier421Mbps (25GB Allowance)
Infinity Pro891Mbps (Unlimited)
Infinity Master1252Mbps (Unlimited )
Infinity Supreme1504Mbps (Unlimited)


Package Price ($USD)Download Speed
Starter365Mbps (usage capped at 20GB)
Boost7010Mbps (usage capped at 50GB)
Intense11820Mbps (unlimited)

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35 thoughts on “TelOne adjusts ADSL prices, introduces $15 package

    1. Are you serious – are you using their service? They are one of the worst providers I have ever used!!

    2. Offering value for money? Can’t you see over-subscribing being a problem. Look at the bigger picture.

  1. Why are the speeds so slow on adsl? I can understand $15 having 1mbps but come on any value higher should have at least 2mbps and up. Yip Telone are still behind times with their adsl and are too scared to compete or they just do not have the equipment to handle faster speeds? I just wonder if Telone will ever get there?

    1. You are now talking about next generation ADSL 2, 2+, 2++. But even at its peak ADSL can only do up to 52Mbit/s. TelOne has to invest a lot of money to upgrade and it makes better to invest in FTTH (Fibre to the Home) which they are already doing.

      1. Thanks, but folk living in smaller Towns will not see Fibre any time soon, so ADSL is your only choice. The $45 package did have speeds up 2mbps and now it looks like Telone has reduced the speed and for most of the other packages. That was my point. Have never heard of Providers Reducing speeds only if you reach your capping!!

  2. This is wonderful thanks to Telone, 2GB for $15 what more can i cry for, tomorrow morning am coming to your offices.

  3. If Telone is now going to reduce the speed for the $89 package to 1 from around 2.8 from what I am currently getting out of town where there is no choice, I would rather cut my package to $25. Around Africa Countries are competing for faster speeds and Telone is now doing the complete opposite with their ADSL…. What more can I say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you know how frustrating it is to watch a vid clip with a speed of 1mbps which a true speed is only around 180-800kbps? I only subscribe to the $89 package for the speed not the amount of capping. Time to move on.

  4. Where most people around the World complain about having a cap of 50 gigs, Zimbos are grateful for 2 gigs? What does that say? Is Zimbabwe moving ahead or are we just dormant?

  5. If I recall at one point powwrtel offered some school package for students. Is this going to compete with that both on speed and on value for money? Would be interesting to find out..

  6. just went to TelOne Hwange and was told the Home Basic package is not yet available!

  7. Looking back in time when ADSL was first introduced in Zimbabwe, that was in 2009 I think, being offered by YO Africa at that time, It was very expensive, I mean ridiculously expensive, so much that 2GB cost $450.00. Now that Telone has taken over it started off slow but now I see it making some improvements on pricing, capping and speeds. I personally think that real competitiveness comes when an ISP begins to introduce flexible packages for people of all walks of life. That 2GB package for instance is good enough for someone who only uses internet for pure business while working from home. As the packages increase in data and speed they cater for users with bigger internet needs and so on. They are at least opening up on how much data you can use as a home user per month, so you know what you are paying for, unlike some unscrupulous ISPs who lie to their customers that they are on unlimited internet, while paying more at the same time but yet subject to heavy throttling during the day, especially for those on the Home packages. Customers end up getting only a quarter of what they paid for which I think is unfair and if any ISP needs to advance as a reputable and competitive internet provider in Zim, they always should offer exactly what they say they are offering, not to lie on the marketing side and then suddenly tell you that they have a Fair Usage Policy in place to monitor and avoid internet abuse, especially by the home users. Telone I hope is not one of those ISPs and I encourage them to counter those who do so by providing Internet without throttling especially those on the home packages. At least Telone is trying to offer something better that what is being offered by those on Wireless Platforms e.g WIMAX e.t.c. BIG THUMBS UP FOR TELONE

    1. LOL, 2 gigs is never enough to run a biz?? Enough to receive basic emails at home. No offence but it sounds like you have never travelled outside of Zimbabwe or don’t read what is on offer in the rest of Africa? Telone adsl has just got slower, a move in the opposite direction and very disappointing. Come on ZOL what about the rest of Zimbabwe with affordable FIBRE???

  8. Hello TechZim, Just been on the Telone website and I see you have all your adsl speeds incorrect!!! Next time must I still believe what I read in your articles???

    1. Sorry TECHZIM you are correct in your Article….. Very very disappointed with the new TELONE ADSL speeds. Boo with em, come on ZOL, FIBRE the rest of Zimbabwe, not just Harare.

  9. That’s why I said from home, meaning it’s just business emails for an individual. I can’t believe you just made me elaborate on that.

    1. I’d also buy bigger caps & faster adsl but but their claims dont seem to be keeping up….i hv NEVER experienced internet faster than 300kb on their network but they still claim up 2 1mb/s….like seriously

  10. Does telone now charge for streaming of videos? Could they inform us how exactly they charge?

  11. $25 for 10gb, too expensive and speed too slow, how about $25 for 25gb, thar real value for money

    1. I used to think it was $25 for 20GB or 25GB & was prepared to pay for it this month, but now cnt 10GB for $25 doesnt work, too expensive i agree

  12. This is the best, keep up the good work TelOne. have been using other service providers but you are the best.

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