TelOne adjusts ADSL prices, introduces $15 package


Things aren’t getting better economically. If you still don’t believe that, just look at the way service providers are falling over themselves to get you “cheaper and better deals” just to mop up what little dollars you have to spare. The same thing is happening in Internet services.

One recent product and price adjustment has come from TelOne. The telecoms operator, which is our only ADSL provider, has tweaked its ADSL suite.

It has introduced a $15 package that becomes its new entry ADSL Basic offering. This gets you 2GB of internet at a download speed of “up to”  1Mbps. Only the $45 25GB package has had its price revised downwards and is now going for $42.


This $15 package looks a lot like an attempt to accommodate users with less disposable income while capturing subscribers that might have felt that $25 for home internet is too steep.

When its stacked up against the 2GB packages from other ISPs (think Powertel at $39 or Africom at $60 or NetOne at $50) it still seems like a steal, even though the moral of this sad story is that local internet is still expensive.

The entire ADSL lineup has been re-branded, something that naturally ties in with the new look that TelOne unveiled recently.

There are now 6 packages, up from the previous 4 that comprised of Basic, Gold Silver and Platinum. (I hope they update their website to indicate these changes) 3 of the 6 packages, called Home Packages, have limited downloads and the other 3, called Infinity, have unlimited access. The full ADSL suite is listed in the table below. You can also compare the prices with the TelOne Fibre packages.

Home Basic151Mbps (2GB allowance)
Home Plus251Mbps (10GB allowance)
Home Premier421Mbps (25GB Allowance)
Infinity Pro891Mbps (Unlimited)
Infinity Master1252Mbps (Unlimited )
Infinity Supreme1504Mbps (Unlimited)


Package Price ($USD)Download Speed
Starter365Mbps (usage capped at 20GB)
Boost7010Mbps (usage capped at 50GB)
Intense11820Mbps (unlimited)

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