Exclusive: Powertel launches promotion with 15 GB for $35 internet & a $175 unlimited package


A couple of months ago local Internet Access Provider Powertel introduced an unlimited package through its Weekly Fiesta promotion, something we thought was a way to appease subscribers that had left the provider after it had scrapped its unlimited package.

It turns out, that this not entirely unlimited package was just the first in Powertel’s efforts at redoing its product lineup. We have just received information from Powertel that today it’s launching its Winter Data Earthquake Packages. This is a set of four different packages that vary from an entry level $35 weekly package that offers 15 GB data, to the unlimited and uncapped monthly package priced at $175.

Express35157Unlimited downloads; Unlimited Surfing (Fair Usage Policy Applies)
Monthly Express603030Unlimited Uploads & Downloads,Surfing ; Unlimited * Subscription is only for modem package
Monthly Turbo895030Unlimited Uploads & Downloads, surfing; *Subscription only for WiFi Router Package
Powertel Unlimited175Unlimited (Ts & Cs Apply)30Monthly unlimited Deal
Unlimited Downloads & uploads for the whole month;
Uncapped, unlimited



These prices are a solid challenge to the mobile internet offerings on the market right now. Definitely the mobile network operators, with their $50-for-2.5 GB average are outpaced by all of this, with Econet’s new Dream and Daily bundles, that have been advertised as a seasonal offering, offering the closest form¬†of challenge.

Once again, this effort by Powertel is the latest indicator of increasing competition in the local broadband market. Almost all service providers have unveiled improvements to existing packages or have ventured into new territory altogether, as was the case with TelOne introducing Fibre to the Home and WiFi services.

In the case of Powertel, this is an impressive effort to draw back faithfuls that were clamouring for the return of a truly unlimited package. The price tag for that though, at $175, isn’t close to what the old $1,20 could offer in terms of an unbeatable deal. Powertel seems to be banking on users with a tighter budget selecting the cheaper services like the $35 package.

I was impressed by the price and data relation there; 15 GB for $35 sounds awesome, but the 7 day validity will definitely be a sticky point. Still, Powertel does make a compelling case with the advantages of mobile internet, but the market will decide if all those value propositions tie in with the prices.

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