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Gmail has just given you the option to unsend that incorrect message

Google Inbox

It’s the one thing that we all regret at some point; sending an e-mail and then immediately afterwards realising that you’ve forgotten something or have said something inappropriate. The good news that users of Gmail like me or the past couple of days is that the internet is no longer written in ink you can now unsend an e-mail.

According to to the Google Apps official feed, the ‘Undo Send’ option was already popular in Gmail Labs and was just added to Inbox by Gmail.  Now Google has introducing the feature to the Gmail on the web.

To use the ‘unsend option’ users will have to enable the feature from the General tab in Gmail settings.They will be able to select a safety timespan between between 5-30 seconds. Messages will be sent after that time runs out unless one selects the view message tab next to to undo. The message will be directly sent to the recipient at that moment.

This feature has come to my rescue yet, but I’m happy knowing that I can prevent some incomplete message from going out. If you use other e-mail services like Yahoo and Live, you’ll probably migrate to Gmail when you make that mistake and wish you had the featuremaybe it’s time you migrate to Gmail because no other e-mail service providers offer this feature.

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4 thoughts on “Gmail has just given you the option to unsend that incorrect message

  1. ok, so gmail have just given you a 30 second window, in which to “undo” an email that was sent…and thats what all the fanfare is about?

  2. I though this was a standard feature and I have had it for ages. Or am I missing something?

  3. 30 seconds needs a very very fast internet connection and a fast PC or phone to complete the cancellation

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