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Is your TelOne ADSL connection down? You’re not the only one complaining

Runhare House TelOne

Unconfirmed reports indicate that there is a Telone ADSL blackout across the whole of Zimbabwe. We have managed to confirm with a few ADSL users that indeed the network is down and they have had no internet since Sunday. Officially Telone indicates that any downtime can be a result of isolated connectivity challenges in specific areas, not a nationwide problem.

When we contacted TelOne for an official statement they mentioned that any downtime that users have been experiencing would be a result of isolated connectivity challenges in specific areas, not a nationwide problem.

Sources within TelOne however seem to suggest that there is indeed a total ADSL blackout due to a technical fault at one of the international links. We are not sure as of now whether this is purely ADSL only or whether it is also affecting other services.

The fact that this problem has persistent for close to a week (isolated or total blackout) indicates that the problem may be serious enough to overwhelm TelOne’s redundancy mechanisms.

This could be the worst challenge they have had since their recent FTTH drive to provide affordable internet to the home launching the ADSL packages and the Metro Wi-Fi.

How is the connection at your location?

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22 thoughts on “Is your TelOne ADSL connection down? You’re not the only one complaining

  1. I am disappointed at this report. Which customers have been contacted and in which areas, I have ADSL at home and it has been working well this ruling out the countrywide claim. proper investigation are needed before false reports… As readers we want to read the truth not anyone’s thoughts. please give us authentic news. not H-Metro type of reporting.

    1. “UNCONFIRMED REPORTS indicate that there is a Telone ADSL blackout across the whole of Zimbabwe.”
      Thats how the article starts off. Sounds like an apt disclaimer.

  2. Yangu yanga ichifaya nezuro manheru. I’m from Greendale, but sometime last week yaiita on off.

  3. Mine is working. However over the weekends some sites were not accessible because there was a routing loop

  4. My ADSL was down about 2 days ago for a day and a half. And over the weekend it was on and off. What ever the issue is I think Telone should man up and just advise on their website/send a email/text message to customers subscribing to the product to 1. notify during the outages/where possible before the service goes down 2. Appologies after the occurrence/notify that things are back in order.

    That is good customer care and that kind of consideration will be appreciated and respected by customers.

  5. Good day Sir

    My ADSL has been working fine, have not experienced ANY problems ever since I moved from ZOL. This seems to be a ploy to discredit Telone. I have been using their internet and its been stable ever since. Their call center has met my expectation beyond some mobile carriers whom you can never get through to on. Great work guys keep it up.

  6. In Killarney (Bulawayo, just off the Byo -Hre road, next to where drive-in used to be) service is terrible. On off, off, off, on and so sloooow.

    1. Chisipite, Kambanje, home 20gb
      CBD (4th and Selous) office unlimited

      both of these for me have been on and off for the past month and a week.

      sometimes speeds are less than 0.1 MBPS ( and for me i cant rely on this internet because things i use it for require a stable connection. I am seitching back to Zol because no money saved is worth this torture.

      I am sooooo frustrated with the service.

  7. In Bulawayo CBD nothing like that, its jus firing, thank you Telone for caring even for the poor with your ADSL packages and Metro WiFi

  8. mine was on all the time ,only struggled to access some international sites (sometimes failed to access newsday. it’s not stable now days , now I can’t even play world of tank blitz (WOT) without facing a lag due to high ping rate. I guess there is something wrong with their DNS coz somtimes my browser says website not available , besides now I’m playing WOT with vpn to avoid high Ping and lagging (used to play without vpn perfectly) . Try vpn service as an altenative to get rid of connection challanges

  9. Mine is firing heavy from Byo Montrose. I like their response time to faults quite prompt. Just today i foned at 1230 within 15 mins they had come i am the one who had mistakenly caused the problem. . .

  10. mandara and it seems the service here just doesnt work..when i was in mt pleasant 3mb/s downloads constantly now i cant open a single keeps disconnecting for hours…it hasnt gone above 15kbps

  11. TelOne does not deliver! One year later and people are still complaining about the service they get. If their managers/directors were paid on performance, they would be earning peanuts.

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