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Liquid Telecom set to launch a VoIP service in Harare. What’s the idea behind it though?

Tomorrow evening Liquid Telecom is hosting an event that has been tagged as a launch for the “Next Generation Voice.” Other than the very leading event name, sources from Liquid have told us that the telecoms infrastructure company will be introducing a VoIP service.

With very limited information having been gleaned from the team at Liquid or from ZOL Zimbabwe, its ISP subsidiary, there’s a lot to speculate on just by looking at Liquid and VoIP in the same sentence.

Liquid has already been involved in VoIP through ZOL Zimbabwe, so it doesn’t make sense at first glance. Besides, it’s hard to see Liquid Telecom, an enterprise solutions company, entering the voice services line with an eye for the retail market.

This however, looks like a move for its traditional enterprise market with a focus on corporates. These users have relied on TelOne voice connections and other VoiP service providers like Africom and Powertel. Perhaps Liquid is squaring up against TelOne in its own service line, much like the State operator has started adding the heat on Liquid and ZOL in the fibre space?

So where’s Liquid’s value proposition? It could be that this VoIP product comes as part of a suite of corporate solutions that come with through Liquid’s FTTX solution such as video conferencing.

Whatever the case, anything that puts Liquid as VoIP provider puts it on contention with ZOL Zimbabwe’s own VoIP for business service line. If that is indeed what is playing out tomorrow, you can look out for talks on how they needed to streamline efficiencies which has resulted in a ZOL service being yanked from the ISP and being taken over by its parent company.

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