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The 3 awesome things that Apple announced at WWDC


I’m a huge Apple fan boy. I guess I should precede everything I say about last night’s Developer Conference with that disclaimer before the Android fans think I’m trying to hide that.

Now that’s out of the way, there are a lot of reasons Apple fans have been excited. Last night at WWDC 15, Apple announced new products: OS El Capitan, iOS 9 and Apple Music. The new software comes with a lot of improvements that the Mac World should be excited about, even though the Android universe has been throwing accusations of Apple copying Google and Android.

OS El Capitan

The Mac OS X is getting an update: OS El Capitan. El Capitan comes with new improvements on user experience and performance.

The Safari web browser is getting a makeover. Users will now be able to pin tables and find noisy tabs just like on Google Chrome. The Spotlight search tool is now responsive to queries in natural language. You will now be able to search for weather, stock and game results. The new notes app has been enhanced. Mission Control has also been improved. You can now use Spilt View which will allow you to multitask by using two screens and work on two apps at the same time.

El Capitan is also faster than its predecessors.  App opening and switching is now about 1.4 times faster. Opening PDFs with the Preview App is now four times faster.  El Capitan is also optimized for playing graphic games.

iOS 9

Your personal assistant Siri will now tell you the name of the mysterious unknown caller. iOS 9 will be able to go through your e-mails and look for any signatures that might help identify the mysterious caller.

Siri will also play your music or audio books once you plug in your earphones. If you are at the gym it can play your gym playlist.

Maps will now have the ability to offer transit directions to subways, buses and airports.  It will also offer information about nearby restaurants, hotels and events.

There is a news platform that will allow you to look at news from various news outlets. There will now be no need to download some news aggregating apps like Flipboard. The Split View function will also be available on the iPad.

Apple Music

Apple now wants to compete directly with Spotify and Jay-Z’s Tidal through its new streaming service, Apple Music. The music streaming service will be available for OS X, Windows, Android and  iOS. Users will be able to stream music from iTunes. There will be various playlists available.

Apple Music comes with a 24-hour radio station called Beats1. It will broadcast worldwide from various cities around the world. Artists will be able to post new music, videos  and communicate with their fans through a new feature called Connect.

Apple Music will able available by 30 June and will cost $ 9. 99 for a month. Figures like that are what usually drive away most of us in these parts of the world away from Apple. $10 is a lot, just ask Econet Social Media Bundles users.

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