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TelOne, Broadband Forum

Chipo Mtasa, CEO of TelOne

The weekend is almost over, but one major highlight was the Broadband Forum 2015 held on Friday. The event saw a huge turnout with people who have varying interests in broadband and local internet, spending the whole day at Sango Conference Centre, Harare.

Most people who couldn’t make it but wanted to keep up with conversations followed the action on social media. But, in case you wanted a glimpse of what took place, here are some of the moments that were captured at Broadband Forum 2015.


  1. macd chip

    Where there is no show of power, our perm sec and minister do not attend. They are happy to pay $950 to issue threats but cannot pay $25 to share ideas with progressive people in the industry their ministry hav vested interest in.

    This is exactly how the minister will end up being misinformed because he has no first hand infor of whats going around.

    How do you then formulate policies to influence the direction the industry will take.

    1. TheInsider

      You can’t expect the minister to attend every single event out there

      1. macd chip

        Whats so special about him? He is the one who needs information to make informed decisions. Tell me one event which was organised by users he attended so far. How can he then no what users do and wants if he doesnt interact with them?

        It is that mentality of “Hon Minister is too important to attend minor events” that has paralysed most of our gvt organs.

        I bet if this was a rally to garner support for elections from IT he would has been the first to attend

        1. TheInsider

          I will respect your opinion, but I feel you are arguing from an emotional perspective. If I may ask, were you part of the organizing team? If so, was the Minister informed of the event in time? Was his calendar free, so he could attend the event? What was his response to the invitation? You may want to ask yourself those questions before you point a finger.

          1. macd chip

            Im neither! Just a concerned citizen who just happened to bump on techzim by mistake

  2. tinm@n

    Excellent point!!

    Current Government attitude is competing with its own people/beneficiaries.

    I would not be surprised if they were petty not to get an official invitation or a platform to speak.

  3. Anonymous

    Guys can u do a feature for online shopping eg duty and which deliver to zimbabwe

  4. Anonymous

    the ministry of ICT was not invited WHY?

  5. Anonymous 2

    Looking good. I hope some of this content will end up on the youtube channel, it’s looking a bit bare these days.

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