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Now that Windows 10 has been officially launched, here’s how to get it


Windows 10 is finally officially on the market and we can all do away with our Windows Insider previews and collect participation fees from Microsoft, well more or less.

More than 5 million users worldwide have actively and passively contributed to the final build officially released today from Redmond mainly through the Insider Program. We have already talked about some of the features, but in case you want to try out the new service, here’s how you can access it.

How to get Windows 10


Windows 10 is available in 190 countries as a free upgrade for genuine Windows 7 and 8 installations for at least one year after launch. To reserve a copy simply visit the Windows 10 upgrade page . Those that have reserved a copy will get notifications that their download is ready in varying phases meant to manage internet traffic. We can confirm that users locally on the Insider Program began getting the full version yesterday. Business customers will only be able to download their editions from the 1st of August.

Alternatively, Windows 7 (SP1) and 8.1 users who are up to date will also automatically see a “Get Windows 10” notification on the task bar. If you are a few updates behind on both you will need to upgrade to the latest before the Get Windows 10 app can work. From there, you are as good as subscribed for Windows 10 upgrade once available.

If you are on older Windows versions (can’t imagine how and why, unless if it’s the classic XP) you will need to fork out nearly $200 to get a copy in addition to the probable cost of upgrading your hardware to meet the minimum requirements.

Windows 10 by default will force auto updates. You might want to watch out for unexpected data munching when you hook onto an internet connection. Windows Insiders will continue to get updates before the rest of users.

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