Saith Technology Open Day to exhibit Zimbabwe’s locally produced drone


Has anyone ever heard of Saith Technologies? To be honest, I hadn’t until today. Tomorrow (Tuesday 21 July), the company will  hold an open day to showcase technologies that they have been working on at the Bluffhill Industrial Park in Harare.

Saith Technologies has been private all along and they have a very limited web presence with no website to talk about (unless under a different name).

What caught our attention, however, is how Saith Technologies has promised to display a series of world-class technologies that usually capture the public’s attention (not just in Zimbabwe but worldwide).


Included in their line-up is a locally produced drone (Yes, drone!), a locally produced electric car, road safety products, industrial technologies and what they term the “green power machine” which produces power using environmentally friendly technology.

We are very excited about this event and we hope that indeed the products will turn out to be what the hype says they are. Of particular interest is the drone. We had, for a long time, been trying to understand why the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe was talking so much about drones and drone licences. Now we believe this could be where some of the pressure was coming from.

Of course, they have been drones featured several times in Zimbabwe. Swiss Jet has had commercial drones since 2013, Zimbabwe and Zambia anti-poaching drones (The Green Line foundation project),  the Telecel drag race cameras and the Scout Aerial safari drones that took pictures and videos of wildlife at Matopos. With some being manufactured locally, it may turn out that we are not as far off from the rest of the world as we think.

Another project that is set to be showcased tomorrow is the electric car. It’s another interesting development considering the scarcity of energy and power in Africa. Besides, this could be a team that has been enterprising enough to use open-source Tesla technology.

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