Strive Masiyiwa: We are building 100km of fibre a week

Recently, in an interview on global news network CNN, Strive Masiyiwa, the founder of Econet Wireless shared his thoughts on the significance of mobile broadband and its future, as well as the power of technology in solving some, but not all of Africa’s problems.

While touching on the work that the Econet Wireless Group is doing for broadband infrastructure in Africa, he also mentioned how they are building 100 km of fibre every week.

That staggering number is a reference to the work being carried out by Liquid Telecom, which represents the broadband infrastructure efforts of the Econet group. It also ties in with Strive Masiyiwa’s vision for a Cape to Cairo fibre rollout, something that Liquid has made very visible efforts to carry out.


In the past few years, Liquid has stood out in terms of cross continent telecoms infrastructure investment, penetrating new territories and making significant followup investments in countries it has already covered. In Zimbabwe, Liquid has the largest fibre network and it also owns an internet service provider, ZOL Zimbabwe.

You can listen to the interview with Strive Masiyiwa in the link below and hear him share some insights on African broadband, the opportunity of the internet and technology.

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6 thoughts on “Strive Masiyiwa: We are building 100km of fibre a week

  1. Firstly, WE LAY 100km not build!
    Secondly, as long as some of us in the machonyonyo have to walk 1km at night to access a 3G network then we have not yet started! Our problem is we still have gaps in our cellphone coverage so how can we expect to have full Internet coverage.
    I believe Zimbabwe still requires MANDATORY ROAMING FOR A YEAR OR TWO to make sure everyone enjoys the same facilities. The economies of paying interconnection fees will make each mobile network improve their network. I don’t know why POTRAZ board was kicked out BUT IT MAY NOT MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE!

  2. How do i get on about getting information on sub contracting of installing fibre to the home in Zimbabwe? Currently working on a massive fibre network install in Australia and New Zealand. Having experience in the industry for more than four years my experience team can deploy this in a health and safety manner with the right equipment for the project. If anyone has information please respond below.

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