Telecel offers two more voice promos with unlimited calls

Telecel Zimbabwe

Hot on the heels of the Super Voice bundles, Telecel has again launched a reward based Night Chat and 073-4-Free Weekend promotions.


With all this generosity, Telecel’s intentions seem pretty clear. This loyalty program is meant to lure back those former Telecel subscribers who were on the borderline moving to other networks following the discomforting challenges earlier at Telecel this year. Even though services were never completely disrupted, the surety of Telecel’s future was in doubt.

The Night Chat reward is earned by buying 50 cents worth of airtime by dialing *156#, which will give subscribers normal airtime and a bonus free Telecel to Telecel calls between 10 pm of the purchase date and 5 am the next morning. The one key difference is how Telecel has transformed the NetOne Dollar-a-Day promo into a Dollar-for-two-days offer by lowering the bonus threshold to 50 cents.


The 073-4-Free Weekend is slightly different, being recharge based. A subscriber automatically qualifies for it by recharging with at least $4 worth of airtime between Monday and Friday. Subscribers will then enjoy free Telecel-to-Telecel calls between Saturday 10 pm and Sunday midnight. Once again, this looks like something inspired by NetOne, by its Weekend Mahala promotion.

Though this is nothing new in the market considering NetOne’s Dollar-a-day promotions and Telecel’s “adopt and adapt” technique,  these promos come at a crucial time where Telecel seems to be finding its feet again. Recently it announced that it had paid its June installment to the License Renewal Agreement entered into with the government.

Networks usually have unused capacity during the night so nocturnal promotions like these new ones from Telecel as well as Econet’s Dream Bundles are an effective way to use latent resources.

However, the one successful lure is one that will give the sort of incentives subscribers really want which are also usable during the day. It’s the one reason why the Econet Daily data bundles might retain customers that were thinking of switching back to Telecel.

Now that Telecel has have come up with voice alternatives, we wait to see whether they will complete the rebirth and also counter the Econet Night and Day day bundles. A tussle for data is more than welcome, someone should tell them that.

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  1. Voice calls aren’t that useful nowadays(especially if during the night) , data promotions are the way to go.

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