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TelOne introduces payment platform that also sells ZESA through EcoCash & Telecash

A few months ago, we mentioned how a new online payment platform, had been launched by Paynow, a payments subsidiary of the Webdev group.

It has the unique advantage of selling vouchers for several services like TelOne ADSL, airtime from the 3 mobile networks and top ups for several internet providers.  The platform later introduced the sale of ZESA prepaid electricity.

Now, TelOne has its own payment platform called . It offers a payment facility for TelOne bills and sells TelOne ADSL and WiFi vouchers. Another nifty add-on is the sale of ZESA prepaid electricity that you can pay for with Telecash and EcoCash.

These two payment options, plus VISA and Mastercard come with any integration to Paynow, something that TelOne probably went with because of its existing relationship with the service.

It’s also significant because it’s another attempt to shore in mobile money payment for ZESA, something that the power utility company hasn’t extended to EcoCash and Telecash. Like other “workarounds” before it like, TelOne’s Telpay wants to tap into the huge market of mobile money subscribers that EcoCash and Telecash have.

This new payment platform doesn’t mean you won’t see TelOne on though. The TelOne website is redirecting online payments to both topup and TelOne looks like it just wants to give its subscribers more options.

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22 thoughts on “TelOne introduces payment platform that also sells ZESA through EcoCash & Telecash

  1. I have seen that there is an increase in online payment systems.What makes me really wonder is their uptake by consumer..If its for providing options its fine,however it seems we are just getting clones of the same products whose value addition in the ordinary man on the street’s life is subject to debate.

  2. Have just tried it out and I must say well done to Telone, very smooth experience!

    Anyone know why ZETDC hasn’t implemented this solution on their own site?

  3. This is what happens when you use some insecure opensource junk as your platform.

  4. This is impressive. I should say Chipo and her team know what they are doing.

  5. I wonder why these clown dont have apps. Imagine what an app will do say for ZESA, Imagne theyll push in their load shedding timetable or live updates as to where there are faults or planned maintanance… Theyll also introduce a payment portal on the app. This will greatly improve how we the conumers interact with them. I wonder why ZImbo companies dont like the idea of apps. Where are the Computer SCience students???? What do they do after graduation??? Where are the Zimbo developers?? Where is the Techzim app?? come on guys!!!

    1. Wouldnt that be too much extra work for its already bloated work force. Believe me after experiencing a week in the dark while all the other houses in your hood have electricity, because the a switch came down and the Zesa technicians failed to come.
      Big up to Telone, I wish we could give you the energy portfolio to run.

    2. They are waiting for 2 million jobs promised! If the jobs do come out, they will complain about not enough computer jobs

  6. Just used it for my ZESA, ADSL and phone bill and it went very smoothly. Impressive from Tel-One to even think of this (judging by their history of course). We now need to see other players coming to the party…..

  7. Just tried it and it’s soo smooth it’s amazing! Big ups to you TelOne! You’ve truly morphed from dormant to extra active and creative….:)

  8. I just tried it for the bill payment option with my Tel One landline home number. You put in the number and get the full name and physical address for a specific landline number, just like that. I’m not gonna cry about privacy what what – the fact is that information was always available in the hard copy directory anyway. Just interesting how its basically a full directory in there – the directory app and website never listed my home landline – in fact they had A LOT of landline numbers missing.

  9. I never comment on these articles but I feel I must. TelOne well done. I just bought electricity for my parents who are in Gweru and it worked. This is the hope this country needs. Techzim thank you for informing us on this practical and useful service.

  10. Tried to buy Zesa tokens and ADSL voucher but stopped midway when I found out that I was about to make a payment on an unsecured and unencrypted website. If you check their site there is no HTTPS and green lock icon on their address bar.

  11. I wanted to test the site using my Visa card, but the site is not secure.

    It looks good though, l like!!

  12. I bought zesa two hours ago but there is no token .The payment went through to my surprise,please help.

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