Econet appoints Fayaz King as its new COO

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Fayaz King, the new Chief Operating Officer at Econet Wireless Zimbabwe

We have been informed by sources from Econet Wireless that the mobile operator has appointed Zimbabwean born business executive and telecoms professional, Fayaz King, as its new Chief Operating Officer. He has already taken up his duties at Msasa.

Our impression of King’s appointment was that he would be assuming some of the responsibility that was being carried by Stan Henning, the former Chief Commercial Officer who resigned recently. However, it would seem that Econet is carrying out some restructuring of sorts at the senior level.

Before assuming this position at Econet, King worked in several key roles in African telecoms. These included an advisory role at Bharti Airtel International, Managing Director of Airtel Zambia, Managing Director of Zain Malawi, the Marketing Director of Celtel Uganda as well as general management roles at Celtel Nigeria. He’s a graduate from the University of Zimbabwe.


You can check out his full profile here 


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  1. macd chip says:

    These are people Mandiwanzira should be employing either as advisors or appointing to refocus Potraz.

    This is a pure restructuring exercise being done by Econet and they are employing from our local pool. Last week they took Lancy Mambondiyani to bring innovation at their bank.

    I struggle to see how our Minister is going to turn around the fortunes of his ministry when he is new wine in a old bottle.

    Econet as a company is doing what our gvt should be doing: employ the best brains available to get desired results.

  2. Net Neutrality says:

    Hope he brings new and better ideas to Econet. They should keep the ball rolling

  3. Rangarirai says:

    Sounds he knows his job very well Congratulations to him.
    any news about

  4. Mpashane says:

    Econet will definitely go platinum, Fayaz is a remarkable strategist who’s very good at business turn-around/ exponential growth with a sound track record to prove this. It’s a shared experience among those of us who had the privilege of serving under him that growth on both career & personal levels are certain, Econet staff will experience this rare privilege while their business will receive a golden touch from this Captain of industry.

    1. Aaron Makahamadze says:


      You have encouraged many, yes its time we get world class talent to spearhead a future in turbulent waters.

  5. tendyT says:

    Name sounds like a ZimDancehall artist !!!!

    1. Anonymous says:

      i see it too lol

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