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Astro Mobile signs on as sponsor of Hour Of Code Zimbabwe

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Some of you might remember the first ever Hour of Code Zimbabwe event from last year which managed to rope in the partcipation of different institutions and introduced the concept of community-led coding sessions.

The team behind the Hour of Code Zimbabwe has gone on host other events that promote the same agenda – imparting programming skills and introducing more people to the world of software development. The good thing is that they don’t have to do it alone.

One of the latest developments for Hour Of Code Zimbabwe is that Astro Mobile, the Zimbabwean mobile device distributor has signed on as a sponsor for future Hour of Code events.

According to ICT Generation, the team behind the Zimbabwean Hour Of Code movement, Astro has pledged to support a host of activities that Hour Of Code has lined up, including monthly Coding battle Sessions and the main development sessions.

The sponsorship will include complimentary gifts to winners of the Battle Of Code contests, and support for the hosting of the Hour of Code training sessions.

Besides the easy to comprehend corporate social responsibility from Astro Mobile, this looks like a long-term investment in the future skills of developers and programmers. It is something that will, at some stage, complement Astro Mobile’s product and service evolution.

Astro Mobile has displayed ambitions for being more than just a device company with services like the Astro Mobi Store. these added services would need locally developed applications which can only be developed by local programmers. Any efforts to grow that pool, like what Hour Of Code is doing, are a win for companies like Astro Mobile. Perhaps other companies with plans for Value Added Services should also support such initiatives?

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7 thoughts on “Astro Mobile signs on as sponsor of Hour Of Code Zimbabwe

  1. if you cant code just go and learn coding at codeacademy, thats the best place. do not follow these money sucking initiatives.

    1. Go to muzinda hub – – Zimbabwe’s first entrepreneurship and innovation Hub; a one-stop shop for idea development, innovation and digital skills development. These ideas will then be turned into solutions and business cases for job creation, wealth creation and sustainable social impact. The Hub’s initiative seek to capacitate the youth with both an investment in human capital through training and mentorship programs that connect Zimbabwe’s youth to opportunities within the emerging knowledge economy.

    2. Its actually free for anyone who attends. Get your facts straight before making statements. Codeacademy is fine but a lot of people dont even know what code is, this is meant to be introductory then after that they have a better understanding to chase after coding on their own.

    3. 101% true…but I have seen some people who actually want to interface with a real person physically than online. I think that’s when these guys come in handy. They are called Hour of Code and I think after than one hour of coding you can then choose weather you want to go to Muzinda, Codeacademy, youtube or even some formal course. I personally don’t mind if anyone is making money solong they are helping a lot of people in the process

  2. ASTRO MOBILE ARE BIGGEST LIES IN ICT INDUSTRY ,not proffessional as ICT generation yakatemba muzinda hub most dem dnt know how to SOFTWARE DEV INDUSTRY WORK

  3. Astro Mobile will indeed make these ICT Gen people move like criminals. Astro Mobile are the greatest ICT liars in the country and they are making profit with their lies and this good initiative by these guys has now been tainted

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