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How to capture supernatural photos using an iPad: A guide by Prophet Bushiri

The audience is awed as self-proclaimed man of God, Bushiri captures “super natural” photos.

Not so long ago there was a lot of controversy here over the story of Saith Technologies. A good number in the audience, myself included, were unconvinced by this talk of “micro-sonic devices” and inventions that “defy the laws of physics”. I guess good Christian brothers and sisters who are more observant would call me eerr a doubting Thomas but I have checked the story of Thomas and it seems the good brother got his proof and in the end everything worked out well for everyone. That’s all I am asking for. An opportunity to appraise the proof and believe for myself.

Thomas getting a better look at the evidence of Jesus's resurrection. That's all I am asking for.
“Let’s see.”Thomas getting a better look at the evidence of Jesus’s resurrection. That’s all I am asking for.

You see before I left for the Big City my mama and I had a sit down seeing as it is my father had passed. She wanted to caution me about the sophisticated city folk who are, in her words, “slothful drifters who have never worked a day in their lives and are out to work an angle and get every dime they can out of you to fund their sinful ways.” The gist of her advice was: If it’s too good to be true, then it really is too good to be true.

Suffice to say it is advice that has served me well especially in the age of the prosperity gospel where people are sold hot air in exchange for their hard earned cash. It was during my fact finding mission about the good old/hip/young Prophet Bushiri , one of this new age Prophets, that I came accross the video above where the man of God uses an iPad to capture photos in the spirit.

Ostensibly capturing photos in the spirit involves capturing photos of people that are not presently there when you take the photo. In reality it requires a sleight of hand. Since the evidence presented by this ministry appears to involve technology I have thus decided to post the video here before your learned selves so that you can stand back and look at the evidence and decide for yourself if indeed this is a miracle. In the meantime you can also learn how to capture photos in the spirit and get a congregation of your own. The guide is based on my examination of the eerr evidence. If you think I am wrong you can always come up with an alternative explanation/guide on how the good man of God does this.

How to take spiritual photos

  • First you need deft hands so you should practice hard on your iPad.
  • You will also need the image that you want to capture beforehand. That might involve you surreptitiously taking your victim’s photo/or a photo of their close one(s) without their knowledge.
  • Use the video above as a guide until your hands become agile enough to fool people.
  • Using your nimble fingers quickly tap the pre-captured image and pretend you tapped on the Capture button.
  • Beware, you will need to do this smoothly otherwise people will not be convinced as you can clearly see from the video the good man does not appear to do so well during the second capture.
  • Even if you bungle it, do not miss a bit just pretend everything is fine and people will be to awed to see through the act.

Ok, I have never owned an iPad in my life. My girlfriend has promised to murder me if I so much as look at the $500+ devices in any way she would deem covetous. “They will never find your body.” She has solemnly promised.

So I don’t know. To those good folks out there who own iPads does this look right to you or is something fishy going on here? I, myself, am not convinced by this “evidence.”

Images via: FaceBook and MediaWiki

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21 thoughts on “How to capture supernatural photos using an iPad: A guide by Prophet Bushiri

  1. Is this a joke?

    Are you mocking them?… is it really necessary?

    If you are serious, its even worse!

    Am at a loss for words now that we’re back to this mixing of religion and tech

    1. tinm@n, these prophets are taking people for a ride because people are desperate and need hope, of any kind and that supported by spiritualism is the most effective. Exposing them will help a lot of people in the long run.

      I do believe that if you believe in something, it comes to being. In a sense, these guys help people who already firmly believe in an idea. This construct is true even for atheists or pagans. But for most it does not work and these are the people that need the information/evidence provided by Gari to help them from falling prey to these so called prophets

  2. Timeline at 1min 43 seconds. He didnt press the button to capture a picture. His ginger pulled the botton button which goes to gallery.

  3. Oh Lord Jesus have mercy on us…

    This is a fake miracle, i repeat this is a FAKE miracle. ohhhh poor Bushit

    1. at 1:44 the guy literally pressed the thumbnail using his thumb and just pretended to tap the capture button which eventually did not.

    2. at 2:37 & 2:38 before he ‘captures’ the wife, look closely at 2:37 you can actually see the woman’s photo being captured already.

    3. at 2:42 when he announce that he is ‘capturing’ the wife, he lookes at hi right side to see if there is audience, coz he didnt wanna his followers to see his tricks

    4. then the woman’s picture is now apprearing at 2:47 yet was seen at 2:42.

    5. at 5:35 you can see that the woman’s photo is appearing before the baby yet the baby was the first to be ‘captured’.

    6. at 5:36 the woman’s photo is 1216 of 1218 implying there were 1218 images in the gallery. My question is that if the last photo to be captured was 1216 then whats with 1217 and 1218 ?????

    Nevertheless the truth still stands. Jesus is the Truth. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever. He is the way, the truth and the life. He is the resurrection and the life, the one who reigns from everlasting to everlasting, the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega, faithful and truth, the word of God. He who believes in Him shall not perish but will have everlasting life. I believe true gospel still exists.

  4. Sad to see those women crying, that dude on his knees being conned in the name of you know who.
    In MY opinion, this is no different from armed robbery. Dude should be in prison!

    “go deeper papa, prophesy….” all part of the con

    but band ravo rogona…..

  5. haaaa itai mushe this is disgusting lets have pure tech news, why not start a new site for such stories

    1. dont read them then (no offends), remember that fargot fake prophet used an ipad to dupe people into blvn tht h dd captured thiz pictures spiritual. so its tech related news , I own an iDevice , he dd click bottom right corner of the screen (shotcut to camera roll) .and the reason y h ddnt show pipo when h captured the wife’s photo is coz its second from the last taken picture (meaning tht th right bottom button only lands to last captured photo when pressed) good job techzim.

      1. Him using an iPad doesnt make this relevant at all, oh-man of exceedingly great grammar and words

        1. lol nigga , I knw my gramma z bad. as long u undrstnd wht m tryn t say , booom , nothing more to tell yuh

          1. the grammar part was just a jibe. The important part is that the mere mention of a device doesnt justify relevance.

            If a mad man is seen talking holding onto a dead phone, is that tech news.

            The obvious conclusion is that we have more than one TechZim writer who mix religion and technology

            1. I did not mix religion and technology, at least not in this case. Seriously you do not see the link between capturing photos in the spirit and technology?!

              Someone is clearly using their technological acumen to defraud people in a religious context and somehow I am at fault for bringing it up.

              Good Aesop had a point. You can never please everyone for those who even attempt to do so will please no one.

  6. Jesus said, “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits” Matt. 7:15-16

    1. true bt the sad part z ,whnever we try to convnc our gullible brothers and sisters they defend them instead! and unfortunatly, some people waste time to interpret bible in their own flavour, however everything written on it z crystal clear.

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