Econet experiences another service outage, subscribers cry foul


Local mobile network operator, Econet Wireless is experiencing a service outage. First noted earlier this morning, the loss of service has affected subscribers in terms of both voice and data traffic.


According to the limited information shared by sources from Econet, the problem has been identified as a connectivity and data challenge which has affected some, but not all of the connections.

This is the second major service disruption in three weeks and Econet has already sent out apologies to its subscribers via social media where some subscribers have been venting their frustration.



We would like to sincerely apologise to all our valued customers for the intermittent service interruption currently…

Posted by Econet Zimbabwe on Monday, 21 September 2015

One concern raised by subscribers on Econet’s Facebook page was about bundles that have specific access periods. Any disruption like the one being experienced will mean limited access for a service that is meant to last for at least a full day. It remains to be seen whether Econet will offer subscribers some form of reparation for the lost service.


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18 thoughts on “Econet experiences another service outage, subscribers cry foul

  1. yeah econet…
    i purchased an unlimited sms bundle. my app device had had an accident. low and behold at 1500sms after a week… i was told i violated fair usage which states that i can not send more than 1500sms in a 7day period… and yet you call it unlimited. why not just call it 1500sms bundle plain and simple… while this is the network of choice due to services, LTE, fast 3G, good coverage, ecocash. I swear by net*one but am forced to use them as everone else is using them

    1. “unlimited” services by any company affiliated to liquid, usually means limited to their policies. until they find someone rich enough, or big enough to sue them for false advertising.. then i doubt anything will change.

    2. At 1500 sms per week I think YOU are in the wrong here. They said unlimited yes – but they never said BULK SMS. It marketed as a normal individual sms product but that kind of usage was clearly bulk sms.

  2. Can u image what it would be like when every other Tom Dick and Harry leech onto Econet? Their current network cannot handle the volume of traffic. Remember the few tourists that come to Zim and the Foreign Biz Sector all roam with Econet….

    1. My phone always pick and connect to Econet for roaming, l have tried so many times to force it to connect to other mno without success.

  3. Maybe it’s time for EW to concentrate on its core business. This wanting to take over “everything” when they haven’t the know-how nor capacity is now coming to haunt them. I bought into the $2 for 3GB special but within 3 hrs I had a zero balance. The data was probably 30MB not 3GB!

      1. Dude 3GB! Even with updates running that’s still a hell lot of data to disappear in 3 hours. Maybe he was streaming HD but with the speeds what they are there is no chance.

    1. Dear Valued Client.
      We are sure when the network is restored, sock rako uchariwana. Our engineers are working flat out to provide a perfect network but imimiwo muchiwachawo ma socks kani gen’a.

  4. econet pse be professional,u do not apologise for these mishaps in connection,at times the services are not up to something before we switch to other networks .we have been loyal

  5. unlimited means just that : unlimited, there is no need to redefine unlimited concept. sowhy bar someone when it unlimited

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