Liquid’s expensive bandwidth, rogue economics in Zim telecoms & Infrastructure Sharing: Podcast


The focus is on infrastructure sharing, again. The topic has maintained a central place in Zimbabwean technology, largely because it is a passion point for the Minister of ICT, Hon. Supa Mandiwanzira. In this podcast, we discuss the comments the Minister shared in a recent interview on ZiFM Stereo that touched on aspects like Liquid allegedly overpricing its bandwidth, the advantages of sharing infrastructure and the way operators sharing telecoms infrastructure need to help their competitors. 


This podcast contains a short clip from an interview on ZiFM Stereo’s The Platform: with Ruveheneko Parirenyatwa. To listen to the full interview, please follow this SoundCloud link.

Quick NetOne, Telecel, Africom, And Econet Airtime Recharge

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2 thoughts on “Liquid’s expensive bandwidth, rogue economics in Zim telecoms & Infrastructure Sharing: Podcast

  1. About debt, I think you need to study what is called debt restructuring. It is a valid option to give out more finances if there is a good chance to turnaround the company.

    Infrastructure sharing? Who goes into business to help their competitors? Come on guys! If I make the investment, I want to determine the return of investments, or let the market do. If any one needs help, why do not they negotiate with the competitor?

    About Liquid pricing: this company has done intensive investments based on certain expected return on investments. If government is that wise, why did they not go in to put up the infrastructure itself and self, then determine the wholesale or retail price? I am a consume, and very happy Liquid has had the boldness to invest. I know they expected a return on investment. But sure they misjudged the greediness of our government.

    This in fact is shocking coming from Supa. He looks like an astute businessman, I wonder where his confusion is coming from?

  2. the big picture is infrastructure sharing is coming . what needs to be done is to know time frame and modalities . obviously Econet is the biggest loser

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