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POTRAZ is preparing Quality of Service standards for telecoms and asking for your input

Is the quality of service you are receiving from your telecoms operator up to scratch? The telecoms industry regulator, POTRAZ, is hoping that your answer is a yes, and it is making moves to ensure that’s the case.

The regulator recently put up a set of draft Quality of Service (QoS) Regulations (available for download here) which are meant to protect telecoms consumers, promote consumer satisfaction, monitor the telecoms operators’ service quality, maintain and promote competition in the industry and improve provider performance.

For most people that might seem like tall order considering that local telecoms service providers have often been found on the wrong side of the service quality fence and in some instances have violated some of the issue being addressed like fair behaviour.

Consumers often complain about poor connections for both voice and broadband services, lost and misdirected calls, service speed and even thorny issues like the cost of services.

POTRAZ, however, is keen on addressing this and it has called on people to share their own thoughts on the draft regulations and to make their own contributions as well before the 7th of October 2015.

Throughout this year POTRAZ has been a lot more aggressive on the service quality front, having flighted a tender for a QoS system  and spent some resources hosting workshops throughout the country educating consumers on their rights to quality service.

These regulations and the final contributions mark the final stage in what will hopefully be closer monitoring on service quality and operator performance in an industry that has now become a huge part of Zimbabwean life.

If you are keen on sharing your thoughts and suggestions on the draft regulations for Telecoms service quality, you cazn contact POTRAZ through the details on its website or send an email to or

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One thought on “POTRAZ is preparing Quality of Service standards for telecoms and asking for your input

  1. Users are always going to complain even if the service is upto scratch!

    This to me looks like Potraz do not have the technical knowhow to measure issues of QoS. What is the point of asking people technical stuff when the people you are asking are not?

    What l think Potraz should be doing is implementing international standards, then ask people if they are getting better service.

    What is the point of getting a consultant if you are going to crowd source people’s views? It looks like some Potraz people ar looking to top up their salaries through allowances when they start conducting surveys.

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