Solar geysers, ZOL free WiFi, Econet LTE & the long winter – Podcast


Local internet provider ZOL has made its WiFi hotspots free again, with some Ts and Cs of course. However, this shows how the model for WiFi rollout can be tinkered with. In this episode, we discuss the opportunities in WiFi for ZOL and other operators. We also look at the hotly debated solar geysers issue, Econet’s LTE and the long winter that Zimbabwe is set to face. 


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Quick NetOne, Telecel, Africom, And Econet Airtime Recharge

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4 thoughts on “Solar geysers, ZOL free WiFi, Econet LTE & the long winter – Podcast

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  2. It was pointless for this dude (William) to argue about LTE when it will cost us more money. Mr. Kabweza has a valid point! MNO need to work on improving 3G services as it sucks.

  3. I was also offered 300 mb to test LTE but unfortunately 90% of our network towers in our high density surbubs are GSM, most of them hanged on electric tower lights. So we need some coverage in our areas. True, 4g is quite good.

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