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Econet says Ownai wasn’t hacked, site is undergoing prelaunch tests

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We have received communication from local mobile operator Econet Wireless regarding Ownai, the e-commerce platform which was formerly known as Tengai that we mentioned in two recent articles.

When we first mentioned Ownai, readers pointed out that the platform was no longer available online after a brief period, something that triggered a lot of speculation about whether or not the site had been attacked as had been the case with its forerunner, Tengai.

While a lot of comments have been made regarding the security vulnerability of Ownai, Econet’s platforms and e-commerce, Econet has stated that the site was only a test version and the new platform hasn’t been formally launched yet. The site has been pulled down and is not available online.

According to Econet, the site is still undergoing some necessary tests around security and stability and the inference that had been made that it was hacked wasn’t necessarily factual.

Econet hasn’t stated the official launch date for the platform, only promising to share the relevant developments that will come with this platform and its other attempts at e-commerce.

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14 thoughts on “Econet says Ownai wasn’t hacked, site is undergoing prelaunch tests

  1. A case of Techzim not having anything to write on. Trying to ‘launch’ the webiste whilst its still under verification and validation.

    Its like writing about the 2017 Merc s600 that hasn’t been launched and claiming its a go; all the while sending customers to the plant to try and order the latest offering; only to find crash tests being done. Then pple come back to complain that its a useless product just because they saw an unfinished product.

    Invest in better stories TZ. this one was a miss!

    1. You are pointing fingers at the wrong people. If you are doing testing you don’t make your site live and accessible to everyone with an internet connection. Block all traffic except to your testers. Or make the site accessible to users with a username and password. Or make accessible internally only. That way no one will see anything before you want it seen.
      Using your Merc S600 analogy, its akin to Merc Benz testing their cars in the middle of town or at an F1 race. When people start commenting on the car, you cannot get angry at them, but at yourself for testing in the public.

    2. The elephant in your room is the glaring incompetence it reflects on the Econet team responsible for the project. How can you make test results publicly viewable? Moreso for an ecommerce site.

      1. Probably lots of econet people involved in this project. I think ecommerce is being developed by one team and then security/ hosting by other departments. Too many cooks perhaps and many levels to navigate.

  2. Pointing visitors to the page “Website Under Construction” could go a long way in helping people understand.

    1. its not officially launched, why would they do that?

      There is nothing for people to understand because they shouldnt be there anywhere, its going through testing and users needs to keep away.

      1. its not officially launched, why would they do that?

        This whole debacle should be instructive / reason enough: so that the public won’t interfere with the testing of your unlaunched product. This is a not a new problem: countless companies and startups have executed (and are still executing) private and invite-based public beta testing.

        So far it’s 2 for 2, and the lesson seems to be “Econet doesn’t know how to launch an eCommerce site”

  3. Well done Techzim for scooping on this one! This makes the site exciting to visit looking for another unofficial released news. Officials are boring, full of marketing glitter.

    1. Do you know how much they paid me? I can give you a third because yes, Econet did pay me handsomely and they are paying everything for me plus they gave me a Steward credit card with unlimited spending cap. So why shouldnt l?

  4. clever econet right from the bat theey builtbuzzon a product people had written off. now this makes zim business intersting

  5. Interesting indeed, firstly tje change of the domain name
    .then awaiting lo launch a live site.kunzima lapha, it doesnt add up.

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