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Liquid Telecom in the running for five AfricaCom 2015 Awards

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In the world of telecommunications it’s awards season again and for our continent, a lot of attention is always centred on the AfricaCom Awards.

The 2015 nominees list for AfricaCom Awards was recently released, and out of the thirteen categories spanning across various telecoms sub-domains, Liquid Telecom, the telecoms infrastructure company with strong Zimbabwean ties through its Econet DNA has been nominated for 5 awards.

As a primary concern and through its subsidiaries, Liquid Telecom is in the running for the following;

  • Best Network Improvement – For the Liquid Telecom Kenya – Nairobi metropolitan network
  • Best Connectivity Solution for Africa – Liquid Telecom – 100 Mbps FTTH “Fibroniks” Service
  • VSAT Innovation for Africa –   Liquid Telecom – Double VSAT Service
  • Best Pan African Initiative  –  Liquid Telecom – 100Mbps FTTH “Fibroniks” Service
  • Changing Lives Award –  Office of the President (Kenya) and Liquid Telecom – free WiFi in Nakuru County

This isn’t the first time that Liquid has been recognised at AfricaCom, and should it win any or all of the awards its up for, they won’t be the company’s first honours either. In 2013 it was recognised as the Best Cost Efficiency Solution for Africa and in 2014 it walked away with the awards for best Pan African Initiative for its East Africa Fibre Ring and the VSAT for Innovation Africa.

In previous years, other companies affiliated with the Econet group like Solarway, with its Solar Powered Mobile Phone Charging Station and  EcoCash as a mobile money platform have also been honoured at AfricaCom.

These sort of accolades have proved to be great endorsements for telecoms operators and as an entity eyeing a listing on a European stock exchange next year, Liquid Telecom will no doubt appreciate the positive affirmations from industry watchers.

You can view the full list of AfricaCom Awards nominees by following this link. 

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7 thoughts on “Liquid Telecom in the running for five AfricaCom 2015 Awards

  1. VSAT Innovation for Africa – Liquid Telecom – Double VSAT Service – May you please elaborate on what you mean when you say double vsat service.

    1. How much do you think LiquidTel paid to be nominated??

      He is just stating the facts on the group, and lm happy that he is raising the awareness around it

  2. Im just wondering if Powertel has ever been considered since they offer same services like Liquid

    1. You have to submit an short “essay” to be considered, usually in the region of 200 words. If you do not submit you are not considered its as simple as that. I doubt anyone at powertel has every submitted.

      1. It goes to show that our gvt owned entities are not in this for serious business, just to pay each other huge salaries.

        This is what Super must be spending his energy on, trying to make out telco companies compete with the best.

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