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Muzinda Hub hosting business competition for tech startups

It’s been a busy year for Muzinda Hub, the local tech innovation and entrepreneurship centre under the Econet banner.

Besides running Zimbabwe’s most ambitious tech training programme aimed at equipping 1,000 developers with coding skills, it also tapped into the private sector, offering these newly trained developers an opportunity to put these skills to work.

Now, to round off 2015, Muzinda Hub is launching its inaugural business plan competition targeted at African tech entrepreneurs with a business idea that rests on a web or app-based solution.

The competition is open to every tech entrepreneur that has a business concept or early stage prototype for a profitable and scalable (across Africa) business  are keen on taking part are being invited to send in their applications before the 30th of October 2015 via the corresponding Muzinda website. The entries being considered will be for apps or web-based business ideas.

A total of 10 startup ideas will be shortlisted from all the applications and they will pitch their ideas to a panel of judges during the Global Entrepreneurship Week between the 16th and 22nd of November 2015.

At this stage, there will be remote pitching to accommodate the entries from various parts of Africa, with the judges’ panel and the entrepreneurs sitting in different locations on the continent.

What are the spoils?

5 of the 10 finalists will have their tech platforms developed by Muzinda Hub, in addition to assistance in building their business cases, in the form of online entrepreneurship training, from Johannesburg-based, Ubuntu Equity.

Muzinda Hub has focused on providing a supporting pillar  in terms of tech platform development because, according to Tendai Mashinagidze, the head of Muzinda Hub,

Development cost are arguably the biggest cost for tech startups on the continent and we believe that this is the space where Muzinda can add value by providing pro-bono development hours as in this case with our annual business plan competition and also affordable development costs to the startup community.

We felt it important that the final pitches are done within the Global Entrepreneurship Week in order to cement the importance of development houses such as ours to support tech entrepreneurship on the continent.

Do you have a tech-powered business idea that you think is going to provide a profitable, scalable solution in Africa? You can find out more by following this link.


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  1. And this is how ideas from the small guys are stolen by the big guys. Would have been nice if you asked MuzindaHub what protection they are offering the young techies for sharing their intellectual property

    1. Dude these guys are not the ones who are supposed to protect your intellectual property….before you go to present your ideas #protectThemFirst

    1. grow up. “Ecocash founder” = Are you implying Econet stole the idea of mobile money from you? If so, you must be deluded. Mobile money was around globally long before Econet ventured into it.

  2. i hope there is no any corruption at muzinda hub cause sometimes its boring they might have their own suitable candidates they will just use us

  3. this Muzinda thing started last year, havent heard one of the students who benefited from it or atleast getting a job.

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