Ownai, the new Tengai experiences brief downtime, some suspect another hack


A few hours ago we mentioned how Tengai, Econet’s online classifieds which was hacked some months ago had been brought back online as Ownai.

Shortly after this ,Ownai became inaccessible, with visitors to the URL being directed to a page carrying a 504 Gateway Timeout error message. Usually, this is diagnosed as a network error between servers, but because of the history that Tengai had with security breaches, some people assumed that this could be another attack.

Some of the comments shared so far have said,


Is it just me or this website has a certificate error? webmaster needs to up his game a little bit, these unnecessary errors can be avoided.

Your connection is not private
Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID

One reader called Mbuzi has said,

and its down again? ” 504 Gateway Time-out nginx ” These guys are not serious

Another reader, Macd Chip had this to say,

This is not good! I was going to say this is a good start for econet to employ all those students that they got involved in training at Muzinda Hub.
They graduated them as IT Specialist, but what picture does it give when you are being trained by people who cannot even to maintain the their own website running for 24hrs.

l would say its a great opportunity for econet to show that they did actually trained the best by employing some of the students, but not now. This is more than embarrassing to say the least.

They have leaders with vision, but lack the technical hands to carry the vision forward.

The site is back up again, and while we don’t know if this was another attack on the platform, there are some possibilities that can considered here. Sure, this could have been a Denial of Service (DoS) attack or a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack, but perhaps the Ownai team was still configuring the platform.

After all, the relaunch of the site didn’t come through any official announcements which means they might not be fully geared to take on a lot of traffic.

Besides, if it had been attacked, as was the case last time, the entity behind would have likely taken credit for their work, just like what Anonymous Zimbabwe, the previous attacker group did.

Whatever the explanation though, Tengai Ownai has just gotten a glimpse of the sort of expectations regarding web security that were set after the previous attack that grounded it for months.

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