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A quick one about the changing Techzim look

When we introduced a new look about 6 months ago, we made great strides to make the site more extremely lovable but we still had lots of room to improve the desktop experience. We promised we would continue working on the site to make it more usable and the latest changes are exactly that.

We hope this makes the site more usable for you whatever device you’re on. We’ll be making more changes as we go based on the feedback we get from you on how you use it, so do keep the feedback coming in.

Thanks to everyone that helped with the testing on devices and browsers that we hadn’t exhausted here. We trust that the site is showing as it should on your device, but if suspect something is broken, please just comment below, or send us a note on admin@techzim. A screenshot will help!

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22 thoughts on “A quick one about the changing Techzim look

  1. Its looking definately good on my android phone, bt on desktop it making feel like lm looking at Windows 8 and my eye cross each other. Bt maybe it just getting used to it.

      1. Creating an app is actually not that difficult @Farai but we don’t see yet see the value if the app is only going to be downloaded 100 times a month and actively used by maybe just 20% of those that download it. Data we have seen on the market (plus a Techzim app out there in the wild) suggest this.

      2. What exactly would you be looking for in an app that would make you prefer it to the mobile site?

        1. Have found apps easier to use than going through mobile sites, easy navigation plus offline reading for some apps I love eg Daily Mail & The Liverpool Echo.

  2. Nice new look. The mobile experience is now a breeze. But on the sharing of articles u only have messenger. Why not use one with whatsapp also or better still one with more options for sharing, it after all increases the number of potential sharing to facebook from the site is a must not just messenger. Otherwize everything is on point.

    1. thanks for the feedback. The messenger is coz the article was probably opened from Facebook. It does make sense still to have WhatsApp sharing & other networks prominently visible and we’ll be incorporating these changes. Thank you very much

  3. Its displaying well on all devices. Like the clean look and smooth feel. However can you please make shareable for LinkedIn as well. I would rather share the serious TechZim stuff on LinkedIn but certainly not on Facebook…my FB audience has different tastes..they are purely “social”

  4. Navigation on the last look was difficult….I prefer this more! The link that I click the most is the techzim logo to retrn to the home page…hameno kuti manga maiita sei the last time.

  5. Why did you killed disqus commenting on your site? Gravatar Sucks!!!!! You can’t manage whether or not to get notifications about new comments 🙁

  6. The new looks better for desktops than before. However you have to do away with the news subscription box as I have never received a single newsletter since signing up

  7. One issue though on the mobile version. Its no longer clear wether one is commenting or replying to a comment.

  8. One more thing Techzim, the Home Page link seem to be ‘missing’ from the top navigation bar. The top Nav bar has got, About, Contact, Send a Tip..only. After reading an article, I always prefer to go to the home page to find any other interesting articles that I might have missed.

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