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Here are some great Black Friday deals Zimbabweans can participate in

Thanks to the internet, traditions once restricted to just a few countries are now relevant to more people anywhere in the world! Nothing says this more than the excitement around Black Friday amoung techies even here in Harare. People are expecting deals and some tech shops are flowing with it.

So we thought we’d post the few Black Friday deals we know about so far. We’ve included some happening outside the country that Zimbabweans can reasonably participate in. if you know of  black Friday deal, or are yourself offering one as a gadgets shop, please post in the comments below. We will update this story as we get them.


Solution Centre (Harare and Bulawayo)



ZIMALL (Online, Zimbabwe)




OnePlus (online)




Innovative Technologies (Harare)



Apple (South Africa)

With the rand currently weakened, anyone fan of Apple devices will see the huge opportunity this is. You only need to do the conversions and compare to prices above from the local Solution Centre to see what big a difference in pricing there is.




AliExpress (Online)

AliExpress has risen gradually in recent months as a place many Zimbabweans resort to for gadgets and other stuff from China. Depending on the size of the things you buy, shipping is often free and duty isn’t much to be worried about.



Incredible Connection (South Africa)

Incredible connection

As noted above, if you know any great Black Friday deals that Zimbabweans can participate in, are are selling stuff at Black Friday discounts today, please send a link and we’ll update this article.

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9 thoughts on “Here are some great Black Friday deals Zimbabweans can participate in

  1. Is it advisable to buy a phone on AliExpress? Are they really original? How much would the duty and clearing fees be for an iPhone 5s thats going for a discounted price of $215?

    1. Ale express is okay the freight will be what buggers you.
      Try the sa sites rand is uselessly weak right now.

  2. Is it true black friday was a friday when black slaves were being sold off? We celebrate everything western – white christmas because of white snow yet i have always celebrated my christmas in showers or rains. mmmmmm

    1. You do know that, when even reasonable thinking fails, Google is free?

      You also must be the only Zimbabwean who celebrates white Christmas…who also doesn’t know what it means.

  3. Thanks for the deals. ESP Apple sa. Asi hey. there a dude who always tries to pick fights here in one way or another. Zvakaoma Itaiwa composure pa comments board guys

  4. Uhmm why are we celebrating black friday or having black friday promotions? Black friday was a day when slaves were sold at half price???? tasteless…

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