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It’s 1 million views & counting for Taps Mugadza’s Hello cover

Taps Mugadza  -image credit: YouTube

While Adele’s latest single, Hello has been smashing records, the song has managed to put other artists in the spotlight.

A few weeks ago we wrote about the exposure that Taps Mugadza, a Zimbabwean artist, was enjoying through his awesome rendition Hello. Things seem to be getting better and better for Taps Mugadza. We just noticed in an article on Zimbuzz that his cover version of Hello has broken the 1 million views mark on YouTube.

Of course, it wasn’t just steam from Adele that got Taps Mugadza all these views. His version is pretty outstanding and has been listed by other publications like Buzzfeed as well as music and entertainment watchers like Billboard and E! Online as one of the best cover versions of the Adele smash hit.

Those are pretty strong endorsements and another indication of how far talent (and the power of the internet) can take you. If you haven’t checked it out, you can join the 1,180 million people who’ve watched it so far by clicking below.

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15 thoughts on “It’s 1 million views & counting for Taps Mugadza’s Hello cover

  1. With the kind of success this guy has made, I foresee a ‘goldrush’ by many of us to do covers for songs that would have made a hit! Not bad, go for it…just that when we copy-cat, we get into this illusion that by doing what X did, I will achieve what X achieved…and this may also make people lose focus on their own strategies. Key thing is to L.E.A.R.N

  2. The real lessons we should learn here are that;
    1. Zimbos do support other Zimbos when the output is excellent. Don’t have the figures but I’m sure a significant % of those are by Zimbos.
    2. When you produce excellence the world has no choice but to support (& enjoy). Screw that negative perception nonsense.

  3. Taps is an accomplished gospel musician in his own right. His story is really touching. I understand he grew up in an orphanage. I have had the great privilege to witness Tapiwa Mugadza lead praise and worship at Celebration Centre and I can tell you first hand the young man will invoke great musical appreciation if you are to hear him sing and play acoustic guitar.

  4. Geat way to achieve global recognition. Brand taps is now going global. Way to go to your marketing team #brandawareness101

  5. i rarely click the button like because i understand its commercial social media importance but i want to say i clicked like on this one very nice stuff i loved it way to go man 1mill views is about 50% harare population and anyone with a little knowlegde of social media SEO nd traffc knows that traffic it almost impossible to get organic traffic wow

  6. Taps is the first,and so far, only, Zimbabwean artist to reach 1 million views on a YouTube video.

    Taps did this in under 3 weeks!! 17 days to be exact. His Hello cover was published on the 25th of October and reached the 1 million mark on the 11th of November.

    Astonishing! Please note, he reached the 500k mark on the 6th of November, meaning the positive reviews that this track received allowed it to easily amass another 500k views in five days!! Greatness.

    1. its called marketing using technology in this case – youtube, this is especially interesting in the context of piracy, the ever low sales of music via traditional methods and the attempt to solve this using video streaming & platforms like youtube to market artists and make money

  7. Wow im speechless, dude u really nailed it……… u got me wishing to do a duet with u woooooooooooooooooooooow

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