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Muzinda Hub hosts graduation for developers, launches online jobs platform

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After more than six months of training and skills development, local technology and entrepreneurship skills centre, Muzinda Hub, conferred certificates to its first cohort of software developers and tech entrepreneurs at a graduation ceremony held in Harare.

About 700 students from the initial group of 1,000 developers received certificates that marked their completion of a training programme that was using material from e-learning platform, Treehouse. The graduates have now been equipped with skills in different areas in tech which include Android and iOS app development, web development, social media, and graphic design.

Other than the attendance by the students and their parents, some executives from Econet Zimbabwe were present, including Douglas Mboweni, the telecoms operator’s CEO, who gave a the keynote address.

Econet CEO, Econet Zimbabwe, Muzinda Hub
Douglas Mboweni, the Econet CEO speaking at the Muzinda Graduation

Muzinda Hub is part of Econet Zimbabwe, and in Mboweni’s delivery, he touched on the contribution that the new graduates would be anticipated to make to technology, including in areas such as Internet of Things (IoT) where Econet has been extending its focus through services such as Connected Home and Connected Car.

Econet, Muzinda Hub
Tendai Mashingaidze, the head of Muzinda Hub

Speaking at the graduation, Tendai Mashingaidze, the head of Muzinda Hub, mentioned that the graduates’ relationship with Muzinda Hub would extend beyond the training they had received, as they would be able to hire out their skills through Muzinda Hub’s new online freelancing platform,

According to Muzinda Hub, the platform has been developed to offer the developers and tech entrepreneurs that take part in its skills development programme an opportunity to sell their skills to a global audience through a channel that is anticipated to be globally recognisable.

The Muzinda platform is already active and has started offering services for web and app development, inbound marketing, API development, graphic design and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Here are some pictures form the graduation ceremony.

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9 thoughts on “Muzinda Hub hosts graduation for developers, launches online jobs platform

  1. Congrats are in order and welcome aboard! Now go out there and spread your tech wings 🙂

  2. So, there goes a proud Takunda Zvose, armed with his acquired skills and ready to take on the world with his itch to implement his Start Up.

    It is probably already done by now. He is entering the lucrative and almost evasive Ecommerce sector. His ideas are unique and (possibly) would place him a step ahead of the others…

    How does the young, skilled, celebrated-by-Mboweni, Mr Takunda Zvose get THE SAME BLOODY ZERO-RATING THAT Ownai/Tengai has?

    Answer that please Econet/Mr Mboweni?

    In the mean time, with the ZOL Challenge coming up(sponsered by ZOL member of Econet Holdings), don’t you think you are wasting your time by giving hopefuls the tools to succeed yet chopping their legs off before they can even crawl?

    With all the pertinent issues that TechZim raises very well, THEY DISAPPOINTINGLY FAIL in linking them and using their platform to ask hard questions on our behalf!

    1. I’m aware of the ownai/tengai part on net neutrality but the rest of your rant isn’t clear to me. Please explain.

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