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Unofficial TechZim Android app beta test

Do you like reading TechZim? Are you running Android 4.1 or newer? Do you know what a Beta test is? If your answer to all these questions is ‘yes’, then you might be happy to know that I’m running an open beta programme for an unofficial* TechZim Andriod app, and I’d like you to join it (by following the link).

It’s unofficial because it wasn’t commissioned (or even endorsed) by TechZim, I started working on the app to scratch my own itch (mostly getting around the pain of following WordPress comments). If you do join the beta test, I would love to hear what you think of the app.

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12 thoughts on “Unofficial TechZim Android app beta test

  1. hv just joined yo beta testing program but unfortunately my droid is cyanogenmod with no play store. M to lazy to install gapps now , why don’t you host yo apk file somewhere in th cloud

  2. I’m in! Bt unfortunately my droid is cyanogenmod without play store. M to lazy to install gapps, why don’t u host yo apk somewhere in th cloud?

    1. I anticipate that the beta will have frequent updates, so the APK would be a moving target. I’ll provide an APK for the 1.0 release.

      Out of curiousity, which app store do you use (if any)?

  3. @techzim guys Pliz fix your commenting section, they are disappearing whenever I try to re-open this post. I thought u deleted my first comment, comments only appear after commenting. Tried to refresh more than 5 times

  4. I’ve joined the beta test as well will most certainly give feedback. Out of curiosity, how are you pulling the data of the site. I would like to use the same techniques on my own personal WordPress powered blog.

    1. The app reads the RSS (Atom) feed. WordPress supports RSS feeds out of the box without having to install any plugins (available at http://[wp-site]/feed/atom/ ). There’s also Google’s Feed API[1] that provides a JSON interface to any public RSS feed, but it strips out comment data so it was of little use to me.

      WordPress only recently launched Calypso, which has a REST API[2]. It looks interesting, and I might switch my app from RSS to Calypso’s API if TechZim will support it.


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