Africom revises internet packages, offers weekend and night browsing options


It’s not just TelOne that is changing its internet offerings this season. Africom, another local internet provider also unveiled a revised list of data bundle packages.


Africom has maintained the MiChoice tag for its internet bundles, with the packages falling into 3 categories – MiChoice Unlimited, MiChoice Regular and MiChoice night Browser.

The MiChoice Unlimited was inherited from Africom’s previous package lineup and it is the only unlimited package from Africom.


The rest of Africom’s offering now includes the MiChoice regular set which has monthly, weekend and weekly download packages with data limits ranging from 250 MB to 6 GB. The MiChoice Night Browser offers 7 GB of data that’s valid for 7 days and is accessible between 8 pm and 6 am.

Other than the MiChoice Unlimited package, the pricing isn’t generous, especially when one considers the way Africom has in the past offered more value for money with other packages like its WiFi bundles. $34 for 5 GB of data is easily outpaced by WiMAX and Fibre options that have been introduced by competing internet providers.

Perhaps Africom is targeting users that hold onto its packages as a backup option? Or maybe this is an ongoing process of figuring out the right price versus product fit? Or it’s just an improvement to a lineup that has been adopted based on suggestions made by its existing customers.

You can check out the table with Africom internet packages below. 

Package/ BundlePriceValidity (Days)Data Allowance
MiChoice Unlimited- (Offers Unlimited Social Media Access, Browsing)
MiChoice Bronze$57-
MiChoice Silver$1014-
MiChoice Gold$2530-
MiChoice Regular)
Monthly Choice Download Packages
Starter$8301 GB
Basic$22303 GB
Super$34305 GB
Weekly Choice Download Packages
Starter$2.507250 MB
Basic$47500 MB
Super$771 GB
Weekend Choice Download Packages
Starter$422 GB
Basic$724 GB
Super$1026 GB
MiChoice Night Browser
Night Browser$477 GB used from 8pm to 6am

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4 thoughts on “Africom revises internet packages, offers weekend and night browsing options

  1. Is there a catch with the unlimited options? Why would you pay $34 for MiCoice Regular Super for 5GB when you could get unlimited data for $25 with MiChoice Unlimited Gold? In fact, I don’t see why anyone would choose any of the limited data options. Am I missing something?

    1. Its coz the regular packages allow for streaming and downloads which the unlimited options do not. I guess that’s the main difference. As a customer I personally think the revisions are welcome, although they can be better.

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