Chinese investors, Telecash, Hypercube Hub closed, uMAX internet, Kopokopo in Zim – Podcast


China has a huge interest in the Zimbabwean economy. That’s one thing we noted this past week with their investment in local tech firms. We discuss that in this podcast, as well as the Telecash bundles, the shutdown of Hypercube Hub, uMAX internet packages and Kopokopo in Zimbabwe.


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2 thoughts on “Chinese investors, Telecash, Hypercube Hub closed, uMAX internet, Kopokopo in Zim – Podcast

  1. I think Nigel is assuming that everyone knows what went down with Hypercube. We are not in the know. We need to know what killed John. Thank you Limbikani for clarifying the whole story and the approach that the “donors” had. I like the stance that you took as Techzim, that was a brilliant model. Kudo’s to you! Great for standing your ground.

  2. I am sad that Hypercube had to close. I must it was a very enlightening podcast. I think there needs to be some lessons drawn from the closure of this particular hub. Maybe invite the Hypercube founders to do a guest blog or ask the donors to contribute to a future podcast. Everyone talks about failing fast and failing foward and learning from mistakes but very few people are willing to acknowledge those faults. I hope as guys who ran a Hub the team at Hypercube will be the future rat to step up to the plate and let the other hubs in Harare learn from their experience and more importantly not repeat the same mistakes.

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