Econet offers up to 3GB of free data for using ZOL fibre packages

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Local telecoms operator Econet has introduced a new package called Econet Connect targeted at Econet and ZOL customers.

Under this package Econet subscribers that sign up for ZOL Fibroniks, the Fibre to the Home package from ZOL Zimbabwe will receive varying amounts of free mobile broadband data, free on-net minutes, free SMSes and discounts on devices.

ZOL Fibroniks PackagePrice ($US)Free Data (GB)Free On -net MinutesFree SMSesDiscounts on Devices
Basic Essentials391151005%
Essentials Pack 891151005%
Modern Family Pack19922510010%
Power Pack25933010010%

Current ZOL Fibroniks customers will also receive the same benefits when they settle their monthly accounts. These benefits are set to run every month for the next three months. Through this package, Econet is also highlighting the option that ZOL subscribers have to pay their bills at any Econet shop.

Everyone loves a freebie so ZOL subscribers who happen to be using Econet will definitely enjoy this package. At the same time, Econet will be promoting ZOL’s fibre packages. ZOL is owned by Liquid Telecom Zimbabwe and as such is part of Econet Wireless Zimbabwe. This package is thus a promotion of an internal product line, while adding value to a cross-sectional client base.


Econet is also pushing for payments of ZOL packages at Econet shops, something that adds transactional value for these stores. It would also make sense to offer freebies like data and voice call minutes to clients using an existing service while extending discounts on other products (devices) which can also be converted into sales in the process.


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  1. E says:

    How do i get free 3gb on an unlimited package. Think zol should say excatly where my fair usage package kicks in is at @150gb or more. Does any1 know.

  2. Fourwallsinaroom says:

    I just signed up for Fibroniks – was on WiMAX… So basically converting from one to the other. I pay at ZOL offices, so what does this mean for me? I have to go to an econetshop to pay my bill to get free data for three months?

  3. tinotenda says:

    internet settings

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