Econet offers its subcribers free access to Spanish football

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Lionel Messi: image credit – The Telegraph

Econet has major plans for TV. That’s the long and short of what we’ve seen and heard, especially over the past fortnight. Strive Masiyiwa, the company’s founder and chairman announced the upcoming launch of a pay TV service called  Kwesé TV.

Now, as part of a promotion for this service, Econet is zero-rating Kwesésport an accompanying sports website that was launched along with the announcement of plans for Kwesé TV

Under this promotion, Econet will be offering free access to all content on this website which includes the Copa Del Rey, a Spanish football tournament.  Econet has pointed out that it has secured exclusive rights to Copa Del Rey, meaning that when Kwesé TV does launch sometime next year, it will be the only platform providing access to the tournament.

This is the first form of sporting content that Econet has expressed full rights to for Kwesé TV though it remains to be seen how much of a traffic driver and permanent drawcard this will be against MultiChoice’s Supersport which is Kwesé TV’s real competitor when it comes to sports.

Supersport is part of the DStv lineup and it has made a name as the best-placed sports platform for African viewers, something that has helped it maintain a firm hold on pay TV subscriptions.

Part of its lineup has included Copa Del Rey along with extensive coverage of different other leagues and tournaments that include Barclays Premier League, La Liga and Bundesliga.

The free access to Copa Del Rey will get a lot of notice, no doubt. After all, it’s a free access to a soccer tournament  with soccer giants like Barcelona and Real Madrid so the fans will always tune in. However, Econet will have to do a lot more than free access to Copa Del Rey to sell Kwesé TV.


  1. Anonymous

    Nice one econet. I’m loving all these free services.

  2. Copa Lover

    I know I am a bit dull but by “access to Copa Del Rey” do you mean “watching live Copa Del Rey matches”?

    Or is it images and highlights?

    1. Tawaz

      Please go on the website @Copa Lover, there is an option of live streaming (watching live) when the games are playing.

  3. Wilo

    Hey does this kwese hev decoders lyk dstv or its e-tv???

  4. Mambo

    EXCLUSIVE rights is kinda over exaggerating or using the wrong word

    1. tmantie

      Exclusive its the ryt word Mambo since no one in the region has ryts to screen Copa Del Rey

  5. Mike

    its only 4 games which are free!!

    1. Silas

      kkkk. Its from a marketing perspective!

  6. tmantie

    Super Sport does not have rights to screen Copa Del Rey that is the reason KweseTV is coming through that angle, which will get all soccer lovers an opportunity to test and experience what is to come.

    Since KweseTV is coming with the option for pay per view i see Super Sport channels on the offering of KweseTV because rights for leagues like the English Premier league are distributed through one network per region by BT Sport.

  7. Llodza

    I guess they must develop a mobile app for this Kweśe thing because I have tried it on both my laptop and mobile devices to no avail.

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