GTeL and Techzim are giving away a GTeL X3 phablet: Update

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A fortnight ago we reviewed the GTeL X3. This is the phablet from the Zimbabwean phone brand that has scored highly for features like its killer battery, and power saving options as well as the generous screen that is a signature of every supersized phone.


To find out more about this device, you can read the review of the GTeL X3 here

In tune with the festive cheer and spirit of giving, the folks at GTeL and Techzim have made the review device available for giveaway to one of our lucky readers. The $390 device comes with all the in-box accessories, along with a standard GTeL warranty.


If you want to get yourself this device there are three ways of getting your name in the running.

  • Leave a comment on this article stating what you think is awesome about the GTeL X3
  • Tweet this article, accompanying by the hashtag #GtelX3Beyond (this will help us find the tweet)
  • Leave a comment on the article’s facebook update.

The giveaway starts today and will run until the 22nd of December and the name of the winner will be chosen randomly. Only one entry per individual is permitted. This giveaway is open to anyone in Zimbabwe and the GTeL X3 will be collected from the Techzim offices in Harare. If you are chosen as the winner, we will contact you via email (a mention in a tweet, or mention on Facebook if that’s how you entered) and you must respond within 3 days.


Entries for the GTeL X3 giveaway were closed on the 22nd of December and the draw was conducted last night. the winning entry from all the submissions made on three different platforms (Facebook, Twitter and the Techzim page) was the fifth comment on this article’s post, made by Oprah Muvundura. Thank you to everyone who participated.

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73 thoughts on “GTeL and Techzim are giving away a GTeL X3 phablet: Update

  1. Because of the nature of my work normally i utilise public wifi hot spots for my 6hrs + day internet connections. The battery life of the Gtel X3 will really be a changer on how i execute my work. The 2g RAM will also bode well for me. Screen size is also superb.

  2. Love the spec’s new O.s Android 5.1, quad core processor ,front and back camera , back metal casing covering a long lasting battery. Supports all internet networks and great design features guys would love to feel the new gadget.

  3. The best thing about this phone is its battery life, considering the power situation in Zimbabwe. Also packing high-end features at a more affordable price makes you fall in love with the device St first glance.

  4. With the 6020 mAh Long Life power battery it is awesome taking into cognisance our environment. This must have been their selling point I guess. Apart from this there is CDMA, LTE, GSM dual sim combination making it easy to enjoy the best of every network on top of the specs and the design

  5. The awesome part is the battery that can serve as a power bank for charging other phones! That’s awesome. It’s good to have such a battery.

  6. It has a great camera. Android phones have a weakness of poor batteries but Gtel has conquered. More battery life means more fun.

  7. Great phone good display I think its ips or better because of the screen visibility in sunlight not to mension great shots from the camera well done gtel a great device I would recomend it

  8. Wow, people really want free smartphones hey. Well, its a got killer specs. Remains to be seen if its not just on paper. Good luck to you all and do update on how it is when you do win the phone.

  9. it is beyond expectations, It has a large screen which is a great feature as well as its long lasting battery 2 days hey that’s an enhanced fact that you can charge your other devices using your own mobile phone. That 13MP camera is one more reason to love this phone . awesome Gtel all the way. no any other brand loyal to Gtel

  10. The device is excellent it supports LTE and CDMA technology, which is a big deal for users that want to maximise on CDMA which support Africom and Powertel networks which are cheaper on data and voice than GSM. The X3 also support LTE which is the latest super fast GSMA technology. The phone also works as a mobile power bank and its 6020 mAh battery can even last two day after one charge.

  11. excellent phone which is affordable… for a $390 phone its just to much to be real. starting with the size i lyk it , i can browse anything, watch movies, games in clear hd and with the 6020 mAh battery ZESA is no longer a problem. Great camera too 13mg is enough to share what i like faster since it supports LTE and this CDMA now available in most cities network and internet speeds a no longer a problem. i also lIKE the metallic covers. last it is material design from the 5.1 lollipop and faster processor and a bigger ram ensuring fast an reliable performance in all applications. it is just a dream phone

  12. I have never used a GTel device before but when I discovered about the features the X3 has, I became a GTel fan and I want my own X3 ASAP. The phablet has an amazing battery life something I can use for a long time without charging every time I use it. I also like the 13 MP Camera coz am a fan of taking awesome pictures and the X3 has all the capabilities. In addition the X3 has an amazing metallic body and a smooth rear end another reason why I wanna get my hands on this amazing device. Further more it a beautiful HD screen. For a moment I thought the iphone 6s is the only phone with an HD screen but was wrong coz there is a beautiful X3.

    I have 2 sim cards and the GTel X3 comes with a two slot micro sim card trey, amazing right? With the latest android operating system, I can install any android application I want without any problems. Personaly I love watching movies and mobile gaming and the X3 has the best screen for that.

    A good processor, a good RAM and 16 GB of installed memory, I can possibly do many things on this device with the LTE Technology.

    In short the GTel X3 is the best thing to start 2016 with, capturing good fireworks photos on New Years Eve.

  13. GTel X3 is just amazing imagine the huge battery is not only a very reliable source for the device, but it can also double as a power source for charging other mobile devices and to add on that amazing feature a fully charged X3 with extensive use such as gaming, IM interaction, occasional photography, YouTube, the odd episode or 2 of your favourite shows, some music and a few video clips will give you 2 days on a full charge,that just beats all the competition as the best mobile ever created,if you got one, you have the best mobile phone,a worthy purchase #GtelX3Beyond

  14. This X3 phone is the kind of phone i was looking for a phone that supports both GSM and CDMA, they have heeded to my call thumbs up for it

  15. it is beyond expectations, It has a large screen which is a great feature as well as its long lasting battery 2 days hey that’s an enhanced fact that you can charge your other devices using your own mobile phone. That 13MP camera is one more reason to love this phone . awesome Gtel all the way. no any other brand loyal to Gtel

  16. Wow dis fon is so amaizing hv neva fallen in love wth my gadget like tue wau i do on this one damn…Gtel nailed it

  17. Gtel is just awesome ….its the best …since i started using android phones i have discovered that G-tel is all i need

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