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#Startups upgrades platform to offer automated and domain registration


I love They solved a big pain for me personally and I’m sure they did for many other Zimbabweans out there for whom domain registration was nothing short of painstakingly slow. Name essentially introduced the automated registration of domains in Zimbabwe back in September 2013.

So it was great receiving news today that they have upgraded their platform to make it easier for people to pay for and manage their domains. Domains can be paid for using the Paynow payments gateway which accepts mobile money payments using EcoCash and Telecash. Those not in Zim however still have the Paypal option.

On the new Name, the startup’s customers can now search for and register (for the non-profit people reading this) and You can also apparently now check for the availability of, and .zw. No, you still can’t register a .zw. And why you would be checking for the availability I have no idea and don’t want to know.


Apart from that here are the other improvements the startup’s Marketing Director, Isaac Maposa told us:

  • An API to allow web developers/ designers to integrate their platforms with
  • Instant name server changes.
  • Prices from as low as $1.99/yr to cater for web designers/developers, hosts and ISPs who register domains for their clients through

Head of over here to check that the new site.

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