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Econet now offering 2GB of data for $3

Econet Huawei E5332 device

Local mobile operator Econet has adjusted its mobile broadband lineup and introduced new data bundles. Tucked under the Daily Bundle menu are two new packages – a 1 GB bundle priced at $2 and 2 GB of data set at $3.

The two packages are similar to the Dream Bundles, which were sold at $1 for 1 GB and $2 for 3GB. This was probably Econet’s most generous broadband package to date but it was only offered as part of a promotion that ran for a four-month stretch last year.

The new bundles are part of the day bundle set and they have a 24 hour validity period which is similar to the 50 MB and 250 MB packages that were already on that menu. Since they are part of the *143# promotional lineup, it also means that these bundles can also be discontinued if they prove to have a limited value proposition.

The 1 GB and 2 GB data allowance is still rather generous though it wouldn’t be surprising if subscribers who were accustomed to the 3-day allowance on the previous 2 GB dream bundle are a bit miffed.

The fact that Econet and other operators like Telecel are tinkering with their broadband packages is some indication of how far much cheaper broadband can be sold for which always begs the question why the cost of mobile broadband isn’t being lowered to accommodate more users and the changing patterns of internet access.

If the operators know that 10 MB at $1 is hardly sufficient to handle the data-intensive services and applications that subscribers are now very familiar with (just think of social media and multimedia use), why not just adjust their pricing permanently and move away from these ephemeral promos?

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17 thoughts on “Econet now offering 2GB of data for $3

  1. Econet ndewedu.
    Love You Econet!
    Therefore thanks for the updates.
    God Bless

    1. That’s a lie and you know they are not the cheapest data provider in Africa. I personally think they the most expensive data provider or ISP

  2. The last time I entered this promo, I didn’t get anything close to even 500MB. At that time the lapse window was 3 days. My scepticism is based on that experience and I won’t give this a second attempt. However, I use a dongle and recharge 500MB @ $20. Why is pricing for this product so high? and is EW looking to reducing it. Compare to TelOne’s ADSL (fixed leased line) of $25 for 10GB. These days I;m not quick to jump up with joy at promos, I realized facts could be different by the time you land back on terra firma!!

    1. Lol ok Mr Perfect.. so are you talking b- bits or B- bytes and I’m not sure whether you a referring to 1GB or 1gb, 1024Mb or 1024mb… last time I checked gig and mb were ambiguous.

  3. If you do not like Econet then stay away and use the one you like. let us the Econet lovers use our beloved Econet.

    1. Powertel has low coverage….i live in Avonlea and they dont even cover that area….they ar emore concentrated in town CBD

  4. because i do not have a cheaper nd better choice i jus bot this bundle… this is jus a rip off

  5. This is just some mind twisting nonsense from Econet.

    Fact is they 2Gig bundle can’t be used up in 2 days.
    3 dollars sounds cheap for every 2 days then you will buy those bundles but come monthend how much would you have used?

    That’s $3 for every 2 days by a month which is 15 recharges a month.
    Total expenditure is $45. Now the question is how much is their original monthly bundle for 2Gig?

  6. Econet is too expensive how can you finish 2gig in a day or two yes on youtube but we dont need that. Mozambique you pay equivalent of $1,50=2.6gig for a week and you enjoy wont even finish them. come guys lower them

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