How to get all of Netflix’s content in Africa

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If you signed up for Netflix when they went global yesterday becoming available from Angola to Zimbabwe, you were probably disappointed to find that all the shows you expected to find are not there. Shows like House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Breaking Bad… all the good recent stuff.

The reason is that Netflix has to play by the rules. They simply don’t have the rights to show that content in your country so they are filtering it all out. You can read about it in this article we published earlier.

The good news is that it’s very easy to pretend you’re you’re in the US and see all these great shows and movies. A simple service called makes it possible. Here’s what you do.

  1. Go to
  2. You will see what are called DNS Server IP address listed. 2 of them as shown in the picture belowNetflix workaround, IPTV
  3. On your computer or (WiFi router) there’s something called DNS Server IP Addresses which essentially help your computer browse the internet. We want to change these to the numbers provided by TVUnblock. On your Windows Computer, Open the  “Network and Sharing Center” just search for it from the home screen if not sure how to find it.
  4. Once you open it, you will see a screen like the one below. Click on “Change Adapter Settings”netflix-settings-1
  5. It will show you a new screen and on this one you will see an icon representing your active WiFi connection for the computer. Right-click on it and select Properties as shown below.
  6. A dialog box will open as shown below. Double-click on “Internet Protocol Version 4” to open it.


  7. A new dialog box will open as shown below. Select “Use the following DNS server addresses”. Next, copy and paste the two numbers we got from TVUnblock into the two textboxes.



8. Click “OK” to come out, and “OK” to close the next box and Close everything else, then go back to netflix and refresh. Presto! all the shows are now there!



  1. tinm@n

    The worst a DNS server can do is redirect you from a genuine website to an alternative one to capture traffic.

    Under the safe assumption that “all Internet traffic should be treated with suspicion”, WHEN DOING ANYTHING SENSITIVE …e.g. “Financial Transactions”, REMOVE THE DNS Server configs.

    Free is costly

  2. joo

    Also its worth pointing out this will break other geo located services. Two that immediately come to mind
    – Content hosting both in and outside zim eg the herald you will likely be served the international server and it will be slower than before when you were browsing only in zim.
    – News services which give you geo located content, eg some news sites give you more African news stories depending where you from. You wont see that any more but rather US preferred content.

    Probably more problems I cant think of off hand, so I wouldn’t recommend making this a permanent change but rather something that you turn on and off (there programs to do that easily) just to watch a certain show.

  3. Opolopo

    my big question is why pay for Netflix wen u can get allthis fo free on or

    1. Silent witness

      coz sm of us only engaged in piracy coz of inaccessibility not “unaffordability”?

    2. anti-piracy

      Because some of us want to pay for the product and not fund piracy. I am an artist myself and I would like people to pay for my work..

      1. Sagitarr

        Very noble cause indeed. Unfortunately without the Regulatory infrastructure in place for policing, litigation etc this remains one of the greatest challenges of doing business over the net. It’s not difficult to fool software but a big challenge to deceive hardware. One algorithm to achieve this would be to validate IMEI or NIC values but once a user knows a few valid values they’ll start selling them on the net and the cycle starts all over again…to put it simply, if a Mercedes Benz or Rolls Royce, Rolex or Sony product can be faked what about John Doe’s wannabe product??

    3. L.S.M Kabweza

      so you avoid all the spamy nonsense on those sites

  4. tnashr

    Can I download series to watch later on Netflix ? If not regai ndishande nema torrents till our service providers decide to give us good internet kujecha.

  5. Tinashe

    Big up to torrents mudhara Tnashr and yu share a name with me vana Tinashe vanoda matorrents

  6. boss

    using netflix for the free month trial only…when that ends, Ill go back to using my torrents hehehe Kickass, extra torrent chii chii for freeeee

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