This $89 package from TelOne is your best bet for Netflix

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Netflix is everywhere and we even have access to it here in Zimbabwe. The reality is, that actually depends on how prepared you are to access the Video on Demand service and its hundreds of hours of movies and series.

We all know we need good internet connection to stream video content but the question that has hounded most people is which internet service actually beats them all and gets you the best deal.

There are several options you can consider (we covered them here) but if you want to find the best service in terms of good, reliable internet with a competitive price your best bet would be the $89 ADSL package from TelOne.

This might some absurd for the #FansofFibre movement but when you factor in the economics the decision becomes clearer. TelOne’s $89 ADSL package offers unlimited internet which is an important consideration of you want to have access to tonnes of content and not worry about your data cap.


It’s also an ADSL service, which is stable and reliable, even though it is outpaced by Fibre in terms of speeds. For $89 it’s also the best priced among the unlimited and reliable services on the Zimbabwean market. There is no other unlimited internet package that can confidently handle streaming that will cost you less.

Yes, we have cheaper internet packages, especially for fibre and TelOne even has its own Fibre packages that will cost you way less, but they easily get trounced because of the data caps.

So if you are keen on making Netflix your leading entertainment choice but are working within a strict budget (trying to keep the damage under $100) or live in an area where fibre trenching hasn’t happened but phone lines are around, then this TelOne ADSL package is your best bet.


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  1. Migos Central says:

    The best way for telone to compete with the likes of zol/liquid is to invest in technology, i think its rather to late for them to lay fibre around the neighbour hood or run it overhead. Imagine with technology provide gigabit broadband connection speeds (up to 1or 2Gbps) over a single twisted pair cable in existing copper infrastructure.

    1. Mubvuwi says:

      Migos: you need to consider the distances. range is less than 250 metres on high grade copper. so if an operator plans to go the route consider the investment required to set up the many PoPs.

    2. Anthony Somerset says:

      g.Fast needs short last mile and high quality copper – neither of which telone has – i hate calling on a telone line because the quality is always so bad

      Telone actually is using ADSL 2+ technology which has theoretical top speed of 24mbps (realistically around 14-15 though) theres plenty of mileage in that technology however again it starts needing more pop’s and shorter last miles and better quality cabling

  2. Opolopo says:

    i assume Techzim is now being paid to advertise netflix…VOD services will always be a step behind in Zim coz most of us know how to torrent…why stream ?? when you can download an episode in 720p in less thn 10mins..piratebay and kickass torrents will always be the way

    1. Jarlborg says:

      Opolopo I am with you 100%. HEVC Hx265 720p torrent nice clean then you can “torrentfilx”&chill even view it on your freaking smart phone if you so wish LMAO.

    2. You think the ordinary person knows how to or wants to be bothered with learning how to torrent?

  3. Anthony Somerset says:

    Has this claim actually been tested? – I thought max speed on telone ADSL was 4mbps – thats not enough for a HD stream as netflix recommend a minimum of 5Mbps

    1. Anonymous says:

      NetFlix says you can stream at 0.5Mbps which is 512Kbps

    2. Yup, you can watch SD on Telone line with no problem.

  4. Opolopo says:

    do u also think the ordinary person knows how to stream off the internet…We are so way way behind in Zim

  5. Anonymous says:

    Actually agree with having used telone 89….

  6. Kim says:

    I Been watching Netflix HD in Highfield harare with no problems at all. I have tel one and averages 1.5Mbps most times. Torrents have been overtaken by events, streaming technology is the in thing now. Currently I’m ploughing through real life documentary Making a murderour

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