WhatsApp marks end of subcription era with lifetime service notification

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WhatsApp recently announced that it would be dropping its subscription model, making the instant messaging platform completely free for all of its subscribers.

One of the changes that have accompanied this new development is the removal of a subscription due date. Users of WhatsApp are familiar with a prompt for a renewal that comes with an expiration of the service when payment is due. Now that subscription fee has been scrapped, this will no longer be an issue.


WhatsApp users have been receiving notifications advising them that they have been granted an extension to the service and the new expiration date is “Lifetime”.


WhatsApp subcription

This same offer is also displayed under the service expiration section which can be found under the payment info tab.

WhatsApp info

It’s all just a reminder that while WhatsApp starts to explore other avenues for generating revenue, subscribers can enjoy it for free, forever. In Zimbabwe user hadn’t been paying for WhatsApp, but this termination of subscriptions now means having to not worry about renewing the service.


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  1. Mahala is Life says:

    Well, facebook’s pockets are deep enough to buy breathing room to play. Lets see how it turns out

    1. tinm@n says:

      Facebook’s currency is people and contact details.

      Far more valuable than some subscription.

      If you think this is free and good will, you need to remove the scales from your eyes.

      Take the red pill

      1. anonymous says:

        Like (thumbs up)

  2. Farai says:

    First it doesnt sell ads, now its free, I am assuming even in the Apple store. Please help me understand how Whatsapp makes money. Thank you

  3. ishika panwar says:


  4. anonymous says:

    late to the comment party but disappointed.

    nobody’s looking forward? Let me jog your imaginations. Pay Zesa, Ecocash, DSTV, etc through WhatsApp.

    Such services would be far more user friendly than USSD and SMS

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