Free Basics & internet colonialism in Zim, Econet’s Chitoro,’O’ Level STEM, Facebook Classifieds – podcast

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In this episode, we discuss the ban of Free Basics in India and the subsequent discussions that included the controversial “internet colonialism” issue that was kicked up by Marc Andreessen; the EcoCash remittances strategy around Econet’s acquisition of Chitoro; Facebook Classifieds in Zimbabwe and how the Ordinary Level results are feeding into government’s drive for STEM.

Do you have any thoughts to share on all these topics, from free Basics to the STEM debate? Feel free to share in the comments section below, on our social media pages or you can join the debate in our WhatsApp groups. 


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  1. Rangarirai says:

    I don’t want to see that stupid crazy evil Free Basics here in Zimbabwe.
    Mark Zukerberg is evil satanist! trying to control people through his stupid so called Free Basics!

    1. TawT says:

      Why do you think its evil. So many dont have access to the net and cannot afford it. Free basics would at least connect them to a part of it… Half a loaf is usually better than nothing for these folks

      1. says:

        Ofcourse you would think that way, because you’re a mere myopic consumer and lack foresight.

        This debate is not for you. You’re better suited for debating costs of bread, beer, clothes and such

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