Cybersecurity, Telemedicine & e-Waste dominate 1st day of e-Tech Africa Conference 2016

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e-tech Africa

Reward Kangai, the CEO of NetOne makes a presentation at e-Tech Africa 2016

The 2016 edition of government’s e-Tech Africa Expo kicked off yesterday at its familiar venue the Harare International Conference Centre. This year, the two-day conference is running on the theme “Creating a Climate for Innovation and Access to Global Markets”.

The annual conference is meant to create a platform for public and private sector engagement with a focus on presentations from subject experts as well as discussions on areas relevant to Zimbabwean ICT.

This year’s e-tech Africa seems to have fewer exhibitors and a crowd smaller than what is usually registered, something that could be a reflection on a tough operating environment where such engagement takes a back seat to other pressing concerns.Despite that, the event has so far, kicked up some debate on areas that affect the public-private sector relationships.

The first day included  presentations on e-Government (this was made by Professor Bassoppo Moyo from Zimbabwe Open University), Internet Governance and Innovation (presented by Dr Hapanyengwi) e-commerce (presentations were made by Vusi Ndebele from Paynow, Oswald Jumira from Cumii and Dr Bigirimana from Africa University) and virtual banking (delivered by Dr. Ismail Ali from ITS).

A keen focus was placed on Cybersecurity, telemedicine, e-waste. These areas were explored at length by local and foreign presenters who included Dr Moyo from Chitungwiza Hospital where telemedicine has been piloted for Zimbabwe, and Eng. Gweme from SIRDC which has been researching e-waste’s impact locally.

They drew from successful models in other markets and touched on the need for private sector involvement in the rollout of solutions that affect the government, State institutions and ultimately the citizens of Zimbabwe.

There was some debate on the need for legislation that supports these areas, something that the Ministry of ICT has been pledging to push through with its National ICT Policy and supporting bills.

Today, the Expo, which is open to the public, will be officially opened by the Minister of ICT and there will be a focus on telecoms infrastructure sharing and fibre connectivity.

Here are some pictures from Day 1 of e-Tech Africa.



  1. macd chip

    From all the guest speakers, l will only give Dr Moyo from Chitungwiza hospital, he actually walks the talk….

    Almost everyone else please enjoy your free lunch and accomodation..

    1. Jerenyenje

      But the truth is there is no telemedicine @ Chitungwiza Hospital. My understanding is it was piloted @ Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals where it was implemented and they even showcased it during the 2014 Agricultural show. Chitungwiza were piloted on E-Governance which they were also showcasing in 2014 Agricultural. Unless if the two presenting teams were lying. are we allowed to visit the two hospitals to check and have first hand information. I also remember a Dr Manangazira appearing on ZBC TV in the year 2013′ Agricultural show talking of the implementation of telemedicine at Parirenyuatwa. Which is which now guys. we want to know the truth.

  2. Norman Dube

    Hi today how much is it for entrance for the public??

    1. Baba Tencen: Kuripwa Kugara

      Are you serious? Who would pay for this?

  3. Baba Tencen: Kuripwa Kugara

    Same story every year 🙁

  4. Fourwallsinaroom

    Where is Liquid telecom in all this?

    1. macd chip

      They are only available where there is serious business to discuss, not this self righteous gathering of people who have nothing to show.

      How can anyone take Kangai seriously when he runs NetOne like his own tuckshop, and he is a guest speaker!

      1. macd chip

        l once commented here that Mandiwanzira is scared of Kangai, if he was not, Kangai must have been fired long time ago. But guess what, lm sure he donates handsomely to the Party

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